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    I realize that the prime purpose of these forums is probably for people that own vBulletin, but don't forget there are people that may need to ask questions BEFORE they purchase the software. With that in mind, why do you REQUIRE a vBulletin version number in the site registration?

    As I do not currently own the product I did not fill out that field and as it was not marked as required I felt there was no need to.

    Then to get an error screen telling me to press my back button to correct my entries is simple rude. Then after entering n/a in that field and pressing sumbit again I now get an error telling me that I haven't filled out the password of username fields correctly. Not a very pleasent introduction.

    I strongly suggest you revisit requiring the version number and/or mark the fields as required with a note for people that do not own the software (yet).


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    Thank you for your suggestion - that is a very good point. Hopefully this will be changed soon


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      I hate to be critical, but I agree completely.

      vBulletin has always been polite to its users and to all who wish to follow the success of the software. Denying users access to parts of this board, and registration especially, is a bad decision.

      When I first came here and compared this community to the Infopop forum, I thought "Wow, vBulletin has extended a hand to all of its users, launching themselves light years ahead of Infopop." Then one day when I logged onto this site I became aware of the new changes. I was quite astonished to say the least. I didn't think that would ever happen here.

      I don't own a vBulletin, but I am a member of many of them, and would like to own one in the future. Hopefully this summer, but I can't make any guarantees.

      But please, I ask that the restrictions on the registration be lifted. You'll be doing a lot of people a favor.
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        All the restrictions won't be lifted - I was simply agreeing that the 'version' field should not be required for registration.

        The restrictions were only put into place because of the piracy problem we were experiencing. Up to 50% of all vBulletin boards were stolen, and we were unknowingly providing support to lots of these people every day. They came here, registered, posted, we gave them support (not knowing that they were unlicensed), and carried on stealing software. We felt that had to stop - and this was the only reliable method to stop them.

        It's still not completely reliable - occasionally a pirate manages to receive support - but the situation is much better.


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          Ok, I see where you're coming from. That makes perfect sense. I agree, the version should not be required for registration. That was the main thing I wanted to talk about.

          I had no idea that many vBs were being pirated. Is there any way to tell if the software has been pirated? I'm a member at a lot of sites, and I'm wondering if they're all real. A lot of them don't show up at the (though I know that's not this site's property)...



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            There is no real way to tell, though the tell-tale signs include running an older version of vBulletin (for example 2.0.1), being about a topic related to piracy, etc. If you suspect a board is pirate please send an email to [email protected] and we will check it out. It's no problem if in fact the board was legal, but if it was pirate we will see about getting it removed.

            The piracy rate is slowly lowering as we have a few new antipiracy methods in place, as well as much better methods of dealing with pirates when they are discovered. But as always, we appreciate all the help we get!


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              Thanks. If I find anything suspicious I'll notify that email address...


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                Hi James,

                I fully unedrstand the issues around software piracy. I used to work for a hardware developer and had a few other companies actually copy our support software (bugs and typos included) to supply with their knockoff hardware.

                I appreciate that the other message areas are readable, even if not postable. Maybe the new feature suggestions forum should be allowed access even for non-owners as it seems there are people here that do not own, but as Platinum mentioned, are members of various vBulletin sites. This is a great source of new ideas and real world input.

                As a site admin, I am always asking my users for their input, I have a feedback form on every page, but most of the time, my users just say they like the site and can't think of anything to make it better (ok, I know they lie ) Once I get my copy of vBulletin (after my new servers are online), I will have a site suggestions forum for users to post in like here, as it really does help.



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