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A 'suggestions' tab in the navigation linking to this:

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  • A 'suggestions' tab in the navigation linking to this:

    Please add a 'Suggestions' tab to the main navigation tabs, and link it to this overview of new suggestions: Suggestion Dashboard expanded or to something similar.

    It could also be considered to add a linked subforum, to the closed suggestions forum.

    It would increase involvement in the suggestions process.
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    Great suggestion, your direct link the JIRA suggestions page would be very helpful for all of us. I'm actually surprised by the lack of votes in general... I'm adding my comments into some of the less voted items...


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      I like this idea, but I don't know if they want to add more tabs to the navbar. Perhaps at least a link in the Jira submenu would be a good idea though. If Suggestions are to now be put in Jira, I think this needs a bit more exposure and it needs to be easier to find and manage.

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        A link in the Jira submenu would help, but most people will not visit Jira, unless they need to submit a bug. Its way too confusing to go find something in Jira, unless you have found your way around. The suggestions tracker needs to be promoted on the rest of the site.
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          Tab wont help.
          This please:


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            That too.
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              You can mark it as a favorite for your dashboards. Then click the down arrow next to dashboards in JIRA and select manage dashboards. From there you can select the dashboards that appear as vertical tabs within JIRA for easy selection. For instance, I have a choice of three dashboards. They are they system, suggestions and a bug tracking one. You can even set the suggestions dashboard as your primary so it appears when you enter the tracker.
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                I have done that. This request is not for me. The aim of this request is to increase the involvement of people in the suggestions and add visibility of suggestions.
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                  Linking the old suggestions forum to the suggestions dashboard would be a good start surely.
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