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  • Just an observation

    There are some very friendly, knowledgeable members here that give solid answers to questions asked. They give answers that work with a minimum amount of fuss. Meaning you don't have to rewrite a whole template to make something work.
    We need to be more giving of thanks to those that do give answers that work. Andy, Borbole just to name a couple. There are many more who's names escape me at the moment.

    There are some who come in and ask questions and get a good answer and they don't bother to return and say thanks. That's sad. If some one took the time to post an answer, at the very least come back and say thank you. I do. By saying thank you to the person that helped you, you not only express your appreciation of an answer that worked, but also you encourage them to respond to more cries for help.

    Maybe a thank you button? Or just a post stickied up where they get some over due appreciation.

    Just my nickel's worth...

  • #2 is a mod-free site. It is to show potential customers a default install of the software. All the hacks available are NOT supported by vBS
    That's it. If you REALLY can't say ANYTHING nice to me at all on this forum, then I am going to go insanely mad at you. I've had enough of the UNTOLD ABUSE you are all giving me and you should really be CONSIDERATE of other people.


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      well we can add to a persons rep. but that system could use some more "flair"


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        Originally posted by Mike Anime View Post
        well we can add to a persons rep. but that system could use some more "flair"
        No...No...Meester vBulletin, he no work right.