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I have a good idea!

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  • I have a good idea!

    Hey, I think it would be a good idea if your Moderaters would answer questions to problems. You need major work on your support. I had a problem with my ubb, so I asked them a question. They relyed within two hours. I had a problem which vbb (until I deleted all the vbb files from my site), and after 24 hours no one helped me.

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    you need to know that mods here are volunteers who don't get paid at all to help us. They are fellow vbulletin owners who take their own time to help other members.
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      Mr Punk is right though - we know that James is working on his own, and that the moderators are volunteers - but, if this is not sufficient to ensure that customers are happy, then it's time to start employing people...


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        Just a few comments on this....

        I just wanted to point out a few things, hopefully that will help everyone here get the best possible support from this board. Please note these are my own thoughts, I nor any of the other moderators are Jelsoft employees......
        • Please read this annoucement before posting a support request:
        • Please try to be as detailed as possible with your post. I have found that the more information you include in your initial posting, the easier it is to see what you have done to try to resolve the problem, and what the details of your system are. When a question/problem post is only a few lines, it's very difficult to go back and forth trying to find a solution to the problem.
        • Please try to be patient.... all of the moderators here are volunteers, with sites of our own to maintain, and with full-time jobs to pay the bills. If your post isn't answered in the first day or so, try posting some more detailed information, and asking is there is anything else that might be needed to find a solution.

        Just keeping some of these things in mind will help everyone here in the long run



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          To add to what Chris Schreiber posted...

          First, my host, whom I believe has the best Technical Support in the industry bar none, has a page called "The Top 10 Ways To Improve Technical Support". Please read it HERE.

          Second, this is your support request, which was posted in the wrong forum, I might add:

          I am trying to install the vbb lite. On the third step of the install i get an error:
          Warning: Unknown MySQL Server Host (http) (0) in db_mysql.php3 on line 31

          Warning: 0 is not a MySQL link index in db_mysql.php3 on line 37

          I am new to mysql and php3, please help.
          If you did a search for "Step 3", I'm sure you'd find your answer, especially considering that this has been brought up a thousand times.

          Third, by following up your post with:

          You people suck. I am trying to install vbb because I thought vbb was better than ubb and wanted to switch. Forget that, you people need to work on your support. I am staying with the Ultimate Bulletin Board.
          Is CERTAINLY not going to help you.

          You probably would have had an answer in about 5 minutes if you had:
          A) Done a SIMPLE search for your problem
          B) Posted it in the proper forum
          C) Not insulted the people here

          I just searched for "error on step 3" and I found the answer; did you try a search? Did you read the titles all the topics in the forum looking for similar problems? No. And the lack of a response to your question was due to the fact that that particular question has been answered a thousand times.

          So, as Chris said, you have to do your part before we can do ours.


          *have fun with the UBB *


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            For the sake of making a point...

            I searched for "Step 3" in the titles of all forums, and got 23 results.

            Within those results, I found 7 threads which reported the same problem as you, and had a solution. I've also noted the response amount time:

   - 90 Minutes
   - 20 Minutes
   - Same Day
   - Same Day
   - 75 Minutes
   - Figured Out Himself
   - 2 Hours

            As you can see, this is a common error, which happens because the USER configures something wrong. A simple search, which took me no more than 5 minutes, yielded AT LEAST 7 answers. So I really don't see how your problem is related to the vBulletin staff or moderators at all.



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              1. I posted my question in the Installation forum.

              2. If you don't have time to be a moderator, don't become one.


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                I think this thread has gone on long enough.

                Allpunk - if you require support for the full version of vBulletin, please submit a support issue:

                If you require support for vBLite, please post a message in the vBLite forum (we don't offer any official support for the freeware version).

                All the best,

                James Limm


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