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Licensed Customer Feedback way too low

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  • Licensed Customer Feedback way too low

    Licensed Customer Feedback is way too low down the page, we have vB 4, vB 3.8, vB 3.7 and a few others, I'd really like it to be moved up some what, perhaps to just below vB 3.8, vB 3.7 is just a little out dated to be more prominant than the Licensed Customer Feedback section I think.

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    In my experience once there is a new public version, a few changes are made to the forum structure, once an older version is announced eol, and a new one is announced "gold" these changes are slowly implemented.

    I think the older 1.x, 2.x and 3.x branches will get a small revamp, more can be archived, while older archived content can be merged together. And newer eol forums can be merged but kept public.
    And 'now' forums such as feedback and pre sales, impex , suggestions, and version 4 stuff, could all be near the top more prominent.

    there are 3 suggestion forums basically, 4 actually, their focus is just different: v4 suggestions, all suggestions, site feedback and company feedback. once v4 is gold it's name can be changed for all suggestions again, while moving the old one as a subforum below it. cleaning up the frontpage. a great moment to archive the old stuff that's processed. allowing site feedback to stay in its place and company feedback to move up under it.

    v4 beta will be a v4 category, with below it what 3.8 is now. while 3.8 forums can be merged a bit more.
    impex, and bug report and vborg link, can all be moved under v4. and removed from 3.x categories. (maybe 3.8 as exception)

    perhaps its an idea to consider merging the PT forums into 1 pt forum, and the blog forums into 1 blog forum, and moving pt and blog under 3.8, and out of the other 3.x categories. especially with them both being canned, as the blog functionality is now in the 'suite' - which will just be under v4's category. this creates space which the new v4 category can fill up.

    i still think that hosting forum + server forum could be 1 forum too, merged.

    3.6 legacy is legacy, so there should just be 1 legacy forum with clear forums, 1.x 2.x and 3.x legacy sub forums. especially since 3.7 will be legacy too, soon.
    category: legacy, with subforums: 2.x and 3.x, with the 3.0, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7 as subs below 3.x. cleaning up the frontpage
    To be honest, i think 2.x can now (when v4 is gold) be moved to the lower 'archive'.

    the archive itself has v2 archives, and then on the right more v2 forums, those could be moved under v2 archives.

    the bottom category 'vbcom site' could be renamed to 'vb solutions company' category (name obviously subject to change)
    and below it have the site feedback and the company / product feedback forum, and other related things, like a link to vborg + archives.

    with ebulletins always being under announcements, the 'dev chat' could also be a sub forum.

    in effect from top to bottom:

    version 4 latest stable
    version 3 still supported
    general forums
    company forums
    archives (with v1,v2,v3(legacy))

    Anyway, these are all changes the staff usually discusses behind closed doors and slowly implements when version changes are more concrete.

    The forums here have always been pretty well organized by Steve and the team.

    ... just thinking outloud


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      We are going to have to restructure all the forums prior to Gold Release.
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