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  • About ranting over the forum

    well i was thinking, most of the ranting in the forum about the so called rip off from buying a presale vb4, so i was thinking, why not calm down their flames and instead, for every person that bought a presale, give them a beta and let them start to compare, and then after the product is fully out, give them a 48 or 72 hours advantage time frame so they can install in their servers, all that just for having bought in the prerelease time.

    only my suggestion, but i would like to hear you about this.

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    I will pass your suggestion on.
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      another suggestion

      well, second thing i have seen most in some places dedicated to vbulletin.

      from people that recently bought their full license, let's say 2 or 3 month ago, they are fully wanting the full suite but i was thinking on this, hope you take it into consideration.

      that users who purchased within a 2 month time frame an owned license, get a different kind of discount, like, ok your cost was 180 for owned, you only need to pay 55usd to move to the new publishing suite, but only for people in that timeframe, more timeframe with the normal discounts that you are offering.

      i think this will be the final kin of offer you can afford, because being honest, paying bills and personal is not free, and some want more cheaper but let's be just, it can't be cheaper because is a good quality soft, but sometimes one mis give to get, and i think that specially the latin and spanish community that uses vbulletin will be more than happier to accept this kind of offer instead of what almost 65% of the community that is thinking on migrating to other forum software.

      just my little contribution.

      p.s. please release a skinning sdk so when release date is due there are already skins available and they only need a few tweaks to fully work.


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        I too really hope those that have prebought the suit to get their hands on the beta. I think this would be a great thing to those that are in support for the upcoming release.


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          A skinning sdk would be really nice. Even though i have read many many tutorials on how to skin 3.x i still cant get the hang of it


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            Originally posted by Wayne Luke View Post
            I will pass your suggestion on.
            I would have purchased it already if this would have been done. Wayne fight for us otherwise I'll just wait and the more I wait the longer my clients do


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              Originally posted by TheLastSuperman View Post
              I would have purchased it already if this would have been done. Wayne fight for us otherwise I'll just wait and the more I wait the longer my clients do

              Forget it - it's not happening, this has already been stated in a thread I started which was closed.
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