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Would you consider a Newbie Forum?

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    Wayne, this is a forum for suggestions about this page. I have made one (quoted below), and I hope you will consider it.

    You have also said that you are working on ways of giving additional assistance to new customers. I have made a suggestion, below, along precisely those lines. I do very much hope that you and Steve will consider it.

    Thank you.

    Originally posted by Baba Wawa View Post
    Wayne, another thought that has occurred to me from time to time would be to have a Newbie section of the Tips forum.

    Here's the problem, in my experience. After you purchase the software and install it, there are, say, 10-15 things that almost everyone will want to do. (Ballpark.) The problem is that a new person isn't thinking in the same 'categories' as the software developer or the manual. The new person is thinking in a very practical, layperson's way, e.g., "How can I remove the logo from my header?" or "How can I change the color of the category strips?"

    A list of 20-30 such questions could be compiled. The answers would be very easy to provide. It would save new people so much time and wasted effort. And, as an important bonus, the new person would be learning all kinds of things about the ACP as he or she implemented those simple early steps.

    I think it could reduce the learning curve by quite a bit. And it would not require the implementation of a new forum.


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      I ask again that Wayne and Steve consider my suggestion for a list of 20-30 early-stage questions and answers, somewhere on this site.

      And then I ask that this thread be locked.

      It is a perfect demonstration of why people hesitate to ask questions. In this thread, I could not even suggest that there be a special place to ask questions, without massive amounts of invalidation.


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        Originally posted by Baba Wawa View Post
        That is not what Wayne and Steve said. Not by a long shot.

        And, in any case, they were polite. They were gentlemen. Big difference there too.
        And where wasn't I polite?

        Saying that extra forums are not on the cards and they're not sure it's a good idea whilst trying to cut down on the number says to me that they're not considering it...
        Vote for:

        - *Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe*
        *PM - Add ability to reply to originator only*
        - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)
        - Highlight the correct navigation tab when you are on a custom page
        - "Quick Route" Interface...
        - Allow to use custom icons for individual forums


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          Originally posted by Baba Wawa View Post
          But the fact is that one is often *not* comfortable asking apparently dumb questions among a group of highly sophisticated users.
          You must be on a different forum than me.

          I have a lot more respect and a willing to help when someone asks a question who at least made an attempt to find a similar thread by searching.

          I will admit, vB's search function is lacking, but more to blame are people with useless subjects.

          There is also
          vBulletin Quick Tips and Customizations

 (vB3.8) | (vB4.2)
          "I tried to clean this up but this thread is beyond redemption." - Steve Machol


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            It may be a good idea. Instead of having multiple forums for different versions-some of which are basically obsolete, why not have a forum for new members, and one for members that have more experience with forums? The latter is where you will also have php and html questions answered.

            For example:

            Cat 1: Announcemnts and Sales Questions, Site Feedback

            Cat 2: New Members How to

            Cat 3: Advanced Users Questions

            Cat 4: Chit Chat and Licensed User Forums

            Cat 5: DoE's Plugins Idea <---- well, lol, had to (pardon the pun), plug it

            I know that some of replies here, mine included, may come across as snobbish, especially when we just post: vBulletin Options -> this menu -> this option without no other words. Doing so, I'm sure, makes a lot of new users feel as if their question was "dumb".


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              We will take this under consideration.
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