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I want Floris Back Site Feedback :: Suggestion

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  • I want Floris Back Site Feedback :: Suggestion

    Plain and simple, this is a "Site Feedback" and should not be flagged as inappropriate or try to slam the doors on me from the offices of Jelsoft. I suggest that you bring Floris back on as staff... Please that's my site suggestion. So what if another company freaking did an interview, so what if they hate vBulletin. I totally love vBulletin and can careless about a IPB or phpBB or better yet a lefora platform.

    So it's like my avatar says! I know the chicks at vBulletin love techno, so I love you Bring and free Floris back... (That's if he wants too)

    But it's sorta saddening to see him gone because of rivals of forum solutions. You hear my suggestion and feedback to the site (vB forums)

    Fine print Disclaimer: If vBulletin deletes this post or thread I'm not going to take this lightly, it's my suggestion and if you don't keep it alive like any other suggestion or feedback for "ONSITE" then you don't value my opinion as your customer.
    Where does it end?

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    No one knows the reason Floris left. He may have gotten a better job. Making assumptions is dangerous.


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      The interview had 0% to do with it. I already was off the team before that interview was published, they simply had not yet reset my account from 'vBulletin Team' to 'Customer'. Thank you for the support, but I will not be coming back.
      Last edited by Floris; Sat 9 May '09, 3:42am.


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        Originally posted by Floris View Post
        Thank you for the support, but I will not be coming back.
        Yet another sad day for whats left of Jelsoft. I feel this company moving in the wrong direction and I now have IPB bookmarked.

        Floris, you will honestly be missed by a lot of us that knew you for the last several years. I wish you luck and I hope you move on to another company that appreciates your dedication and intelligence.

        If you lived here in the states, I would have my CEO hire you in a split second. Just dont become a stranger around here. If you plan on keeping your vB run site, I will be joining today.


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          I won't be using IPS's products , nothing wrong with vBulletin version 3. Using it with pleasure on my and web sites. Which I currently have no plans of taking down.


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            Sad to see Floris is no longer working on the vBulletin forum, I didn't even know he had gone as there was no announcement.

            He was one on the main developers as well wasn't he, I hope this does not have a big impact on the future developement of vBulletin.

            Good Luck Flovis with your future projects.


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              I was a team member, but not a developer of the vBulletin product. Thanks for the kind feedback.


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                I am sad that floris left the vbulletin team as well


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                  Originally posted by bryan0070 View Post
                  I am sad that floris left the vbulletin team as well
                  Thank you Bryan.


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                    These forums have been rolling since the acquisition; old staff leaving and new 'stranger' staff coming. I'm sure that old members here (like me) will be missing these old community-soul days when things were more stable.


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                      This wild speculation is frankly ridiculous:


                      Originally posted by Steve Machol
                      FYI, Floris' decision had nothing to do with his performance or any actions he took. He has always been an exemplary representative for Jelsoft and we would gladly welcome him back. His situation is a unique and private one and it's up to him if he wants to share the details. We will respect his privacy.

                      As for Jerry, he still works for us part-time as needed.
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