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    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but once you're on the forums, there's no obvious way back to

    Also, you have the version showing under the header title area, with the main site address on, but it doesn't link back to the home page?

    It'd be so much easier if there were a site-wide menu.

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    There is this menu at the bottom of every page:

    < vBulletin Site - Features - Purchase - Download - Support - Member Area - User Guide - Site Map >

    Plus the standard link back in the footer template.
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      I've never actually scrolled down that far...! :P


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        Originally posted by Ionsurge View Post
        I've never actually scrolled down that far...! :P
        Most people don't

        This seems to be a common problem in vBulletin, as well. They don't put the thread navigation links (i.e. << Previous Thread | Next Thread >>) at the top and bottom of threads, only at the top. They also don't put the breadcrumb trails on the bottom, only at the top. It's not very innovative and causes visitors to always have to scroll to the top.
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