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    I've been a loyal customer for the past 4 years. I've been supportive of vBulletin and have had nothing but good experiences with you over the years.

    Today I got an email from a company called Right off the bat, getting an email from a company called piratereports pretty much treating me like a criminal because I lapsed on renewing my license since it expired while I was on vacation for a week is something I don't appreciate. The language of the email made me feel like I was a criminal, no better than the people that are trying to steal vBulletin for their sites.

    I was appalled at this kind of treatment towards a loyal customer. Yes, I lapsed on renewing my license, but is this how you remind people that their license needs to be renewed?

    I believe that the reps from piratereports here that see everything in black and white may want to rethink their approach to people that are actual license holders. I'm sure it's easy for you to see who lapsed on their license and who didn't hold one in the first place, who are probably the real pirates. This is akin to a cop pulling someone over for doing 36 in a 35, waving a gun in their face, scaring them to death for speeding.

    So I paid the $100 renewal fee and replied back to piratereports that I paid it. However, that was a hard $100 to pay considering how I was treated. I highly suggest that you change your approach to how you communicate this to users that have been long-time customers.

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    If a license is up for renewal and the company has not yer recieved the payment, then they will get onto you and make sure you pay your fees or remove the vBulletin from ur site.

    Im sure that vBulletin highly value you as a customer, but dont let that spoil your time here

    You have paid it thats the main thing.
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      Jelsoft sends multiple reminders of pending license expirations way in advance. So, I find it hard to believe there's any good reason for allowing a license to lapse. You can renew at ANY TIME, and the full year is tacked onto the end of your current license. (ie, no lost time)

      So why didn't you just renew the week before you went on vacation? Or the month before, for that matter? I mean, after being a customer for 4 years, you have to be familiar with the renewal process, no?
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        My guess is that if any renewal notices came in, they went right to the spam bucket. I saw them while on vacation, but not before and since my laptop doesn't use a spam filter, that's probably why. I get a ton of email every day, and keeping track of it all isn't easy. I sometimes wipe my spam folder without looking in it.

        While I respect that Jelsoft needs to protect their software, I think maybe not getting an email from a company called "piratereports" that their "Copyright Enforcement Agent" is looking into why their software's being pirated might be a little unnerving.


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          As noted we do send out renewal notices in plenty of time. Unfortunately there is not much more we can do. In the end it's up to the customer to keep their license up-to-date.

          If you have further comments or complaints about this, please fill out a support ticket. Thanks.
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