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Problem with Licensing Requirements.

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  • Problem with Licensing Requirements.

    I just wanted to say.. This "license information "
    stuff must end, this is just unreal, how you guys attack people.
    You really need to think of a new way to fight piracy.

    I have people that work on our forums, and other things,
    I would not give them any license information, as they should not
    need it, We paid for it... not the person we choose to webmaster our site. Just sad how you guys are so rude to people about this.
    Our webmaster was attacked here alot over silly "license information " stuff, as he does not have a Lic#, he works for us..
    He could not enter this, but you guys just keep at it not giving support only repeating "Enter Your License Information", when the webmaster has no Lic#, but is working for someone. But doing this you are having a major effect on your paying customers,
    I pay you $160, only to have my webmaster keep mailing me saying you guys will not leave him alone about it. In return I have to take my time out and join these forums, and let him use my name so that he can finally get some support.. I should not
    have to do that, you guys need to seek new ways of trying to stop piracy.

    If they have it, they are going to run it. If you give them support or not, they will get it. So you are really only hurting your paying customers and that is not right.

    God Bless,

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    May i ask you then, how do they fight it?

    They have been met with hostility against the intruduction of the Licence information in the profile, by only a few people, very few infact, they have what, 8000 members?

    Id really like to see you do a better job!


    • #3,

      I understand what you're saying. I also know that we strive hard to make allowances for the situations you mention. However let me speak as myself and not as a Moderator for one moment.

      I volunteer my time to help others on these forums. I spend on average 2-3 hours per day here. I get absolutely no compensation for this and I pay the same price for each vB license as you do. If I am going to continue to spend my free time in this way, then I want to make sure I'm spending it on legitimate customers, and not software pirates. It's my time and I have that right.

      If you have a positive suggestion on ways to improve the system, then please make them. I would sure like to find a way to continue helping customers without being subjected to personal attacks and criticism. (Not from you, but unfortunately they have happened.)

      However let there be no mistake about this - if I am asked to give up my free time to support software pirates - then frankly I have better things to do.
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        Well, It was really a pain to have the webmaster email me all the time, because he had no luck getting support, just attack him about "Enter your Lic#" ...

        I would probably have no problem just giving webmaster/other that work on a forum, my Lic#, but I have a problem when I have to give them my password as well. Maybe you guys could not be so harsh, and just let them enter the Lic#?

        Other than that I am not sure on how you can fight it, because like I said.. it will happen.. But your fight against it should not have to effect your paying customers, as this may sway them to use a free board, that may have a couple less features but they would not have to see "Enter your Lic#" in every post they see...

        We have used many free boards in the past, and even UBB. Then we found this bulletin board, and I must say it is very nice and I simply love it. But I feel bad for alot of the people you guys attack as they may be just like our webmaster, and not have a Lic#.. but be working on a forum for someone who does but will not give them their Lic. information.

        God Bless,


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          Maybe you guys could not be so harsh, and just let them enter the Lic#?
          They dont allow you to enter it?

          I havent seen a single board, except vBulletin, with such a good community of devlopers/moderators/users who help each other.

          I for one, do not wish to support pirates. US$160 is a bargin, for life i get to use their software, with a years worth of support and upgrades. Heck, i like it soo much, if i still have a site in a year, they will get my US$30!


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            Sarge, *no comment* May God Be With You.


            Sure they do, but they will not allow you to just enter that, the require the password as well... We tried.

            We always had good luck with the free boards, support/etc.
            and yes vBulletin is a very nice board.

            We paid $160 just like you, but you would not provide our webmaster with support just because he does not own it?

            God Bless,

            Ps: I feel this is the wrong place for this, and will not reply again.
            Maybe a moderator could split/move it to the proper section?


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              You are correct we do require you to enter the license and password. Both are unique numbers but the license needs to be verified. We do this by using the password. The same way verification is made to allow entrance to the Member's area.

              The password is not stored. So you really didn't need to logon nor make your member account here to your webmaster. You could have entered the information into his account for him if you really don't want your account here.

              This policy was enacted at the request of the members here in the forum who own valid licenses. They want to be able to receive the support the deserve without helping the pirates. It isn't perfect but really no system is. We are however working to improve it and different solutions and combinations of solutions are being discussed.
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