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  • Piracy?

    Hey, I found a site that seems to support free vBulletin hosting. It's at

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    PIRACY REPORTS >>>>> <<<<<<<

    NEVER print the name/URL in a forum !

    If you had taken the time to look at the site more closely you would see that there is NO piracy here at all.

    To quote their requirements :

    The following criteria must be met when submitting your application to us:
    You must be 18 or over to participate.
    You must fill in all fields on the application page.
    Please be sure to be as descriptive as possible when submitting your site description.
    Only individuals or companies based in Canada, and the United States will be considered if you are not in one of these countries there will be no reply to your application.
    You must agree to the below privacy policy.
    You must agree to the below terms of service.
    We do not accept Adult sites.
    We do not accept Warez sites.
    We do not accept Hate or Racist sites.
    We do not accept sites that are illegal in any nature.
    Your site must have a miniumun of 100 active users.
    You must have your own vBulletin Liscense
    What they offer is ad based hosting where they do the serverside work.