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  • Private Area In Forums For Licensed Users

    Spam has become the #1 annoyance of all webmasters!

    Unfortunately, this is a public forum, and everyone without a license can view all of the threads. As soon as someone mentions a way to beat spam, they read it, and change their script for their spam engine(s), and defeat the new measures.

    Perhaps vb should create a private area of the forums where only licensed software owners have access and can view?

    I know....unlicensed members can not view parts of posts/threads which have code tags wrapped around it. Too many people dont know that, and reply to posts and expose the code.

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    We have made a business decision to keep our forums open like they are. This may change in the future but there are no plans to do so at this time.

    vBulletin has a variety of ways to defeat spam, when used together there is no way that someone can circumvent it all.
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