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    Please keep this thread clean, no personal attacking or name calling. Those posts will be deleted. Everybody's allowed to share their opinion as long as they stay within our forum rules.


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      Originally posted by wtrk View Post
      thats no excuse. you still shouldnt have done it. you have no right, especially without letting us know that this was going to happen. you have violated our privacy weather it was automatic or not, its still a violation and you guilty of doing it. obviously you dont respect your customers and you think were stupid if you have to take over our accounts and change them. thats incredibly disrespectful and i wont tolerate it.
      It's not a violation of your privacy. Violation of your privacy would be giving your details out to a third-party (in accordance with the sites privacy policy), or using your information in a way that is not in accordance with the privacy policy. I can understand some of the frustrations in this thread, but at least if you're going to make a complaint then do so politely and coherently and more importantly, correctly.
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        Originally posted by Ranger375 View Post
        If you're whining about something as mediocre as this, you have must have some serious issues.
        Mediocre? Really?

        How would YOU feel if you all of the sudden couldn't login to your account area because some inconsiderate desk jockey decided to 'automatically' lock you out?

        Better yet:
        How would YOU feel if work that was supposed to be done (and paid for) on a certain date got delayed because of some inconsiderate desk jockey deciding to 'automatically' (without request) change passwords.

        Yes, it is INCONSIDERATE, and it is RUDE to just suddenly pull this on customers without asking prior permission to do so, or giving notification that it was being done. While this is your server, it is OUR right, and OUR money.

        Personally, VB's cost ME a good deal in this one, because work that was supposed to be done and paid for today CAN'T be, because some inconsiderate desk jockey decided they wanted to play with passwords, with NO WARNING. Now, I have to wait weeks for the client to get back to answer an email. Again, INCONSIDERATE and WRONG.

        That's not even getting into the personal nature and invasion of privacy of these 'password questions'.

        When it comes down to it, all it takes is a bit of common sense and research to know that this DOES NOT WORK.

        Does this protect anyone? Not ANY more than the previous passwords did.
        Does this do anything for 'security'? Nope
        Does this do anything for end users? Yes, it causes huge delays and problems

        Again, there is absolutely no need for this crap here. We're not talking 'government secrets', we're not talking 'financial information', we're talking one file (ok, maybe two if you've got the blog) download. Gee, you still haven't given ANY reason why this is necessary.
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          How would "I" (capitalized of course) feel? Well I always check my email, so I probably would feel the way I am now: Fine and with the ability to login into the member area.


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            ... not sure why you're complaining about getting work done on a certain date. You're spending more time ranting and raving then focusing on work you claim needs to be done in a timely fashion. How often do you really need to log in to the Member's Area anyway that it's a vital line for your work? It's a quick password change; enter the new password, update security question, and done.
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              Originally posted by Floris View Post
              For legal issues between you and Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. please start a support ticket and I will escalate it to our business manager who will review it.
              i have and have yet to get a reply. obviously you dont give a ****..


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                Give it time for it to be forwarded to the business manager.


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                  Originally posted by wtrk View Post
                  i have and have yet to get a reply. obviously you dont give a ****..
                  Final warning, read post #16 before posting again.


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                    You're spending more time ranting and raving then focusing on work you claim needs to be done in a timely fashion
                    Well gee, can ya read?

                    A> can't login because someone changed password without permission (thanks VB)
                    B> Can't get ahold of client as client is out of town (again stated in message)
                    C> Can't get paid, because I can't (ethically) charge for work that has not been done, meaning I can't get money. Some of us actually DO know what ethics and client respect is all about. Then there's the VB staff. Complete lack of respect and ethics.

                    There are a million and one variables here, you can't just assume ONE situation works for everyone. You're right, maybe I should just start assuming everyone's VB license is valid before installation and working on stuff. That'd really make VB happy, then again, given the money they've cost me today, yeah, what do I care.

                    The point is that you DON'T just pull **** like this out of the blue because you 'feel like it'. You tell people this is what's happening, you only DO this if it's NECESSARY (and in this case it's not), and you make DAMN sure not to inconvenience anyone and everyone (including paying clients).


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                      this is your own fault that people are pissed at you. dont get mad at me for what you caused. shooting the messenger isnt going to solve the problem.


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                        You're free to express your opinion, but you shouldn't personally attack me saying I do not give a (let's use damn) damn.

                        If someone is upset over a situation we've already expressed that we take comments into consideration and that customers can contact us via the ticket system.


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                          Originally posted by hosting-talk View Post
                          Firstly, none of your 'security questions' are even REMOTELY appropriate, and they are not necessary! I mean, come on now, really. If you're going to FORCE clients to put something into 'security', then at least ALLOW them to type in their own question.

                          Good god, where do people GET this garbage. Not everyone has the same hobbies, sports, girlfriends, memories, hometown,first blah, etc, and it's NOT necessary to deal with this whatsoever.

                          Secondly, as usual, it's NOT necessary to change passwords. I mean come on now, really? Now, those that actually DO work for customers (such as myself) have to delay their work because someone @ VB got a wild hair up their tail ends and decided to just randomly change something. Come on now!

                          This ha got to be the worst BS I've ever seen here.

                          First, you establish random login names that people will (obviously) never remember

                          Then, you establish random PASSWORDS that people will (obviously) never remember

                          Then, you refuse to allow your clients to change their own password to something they WILL remember

                          Then, you enforce some ridiculously unnecessary 'security question' that is just uncalled for, and INAPPROPRIATE!

                          What, are we dealing with a federal government here? No?
                          Are we dealing with private, personal information (such as SS# , birthdates, etc)? No!
                          I know, we're dealing with banking information, right? Oh, nope, not that either.

                          So please, for the love of god tell your clients why it is imperative that you act like your site is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more important here, that your site refuses to follow SIMPLE CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICIES when it comes to security?

                          I couldn't resist.

                          Honestly, it's not the end of the world you know. I'm sure Jelsoft were acting with best intentions.

                          No need to be so... well, the image says it all.
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                              Exactly how is one delayed simply because a new password was automatically issued and emailed out thus immediately emailed out to customers?

                              It isn't like Jelsoft withheld passwords from customers entitled to them.
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                                MasterCard lockout your account if they perceive unusual activities, as they are protecting you from fraud. I do not see any problems with this and for members to say they are going to move to another company, well then you have to resend everyones password and ask them to enter new password. If your members are anything like the way you have been treating vBulletin Staff, then good luck trying to keep them. If you want to sell off your board, then please use support system for I would just buy them from you.

                                It is just a password change and had no trouble to just read email and follow simple steps to get new password... Less then a minute. This is nothing compare to what you have to do when you forget your pin number for your debt card, you would have to remeber how much you have, if you have automatic debt withdraw, and on and on.


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