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Feedback & Suggestions Regarding BOTM Competition

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  • ManagerJosh
    This should be discussed over at and not here.

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  • MsJacquiiC
    And you eat donkey balls....
    But anyway - neither here nor there....
    So? YOU then agree with the name change to Design of the Month?
    Good then! And honestly - I'm happy to have turned you away from my Membership base - I don't think you'd possibly fit in with our creative crowd - Could be all the carbohydrates and protein you take in from eating the donkey balls.

    ALSO - if you don't mind - what is your forum url - perhaps I can critique you so eloquently.

    Thanx for commenting,


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  • Comtech
    The above quote is only my opinion of what constitutes a win for BOTM.

    I take my personal opinion from the fact that it is inside of the Design and Styles section. There really isn't another conclusion that I could have come to. When I vote for BOTM, I only vote for the best looking board - no matter how many members the forum has, or how many topics/posts it may have.

    Content does matter. But not in a design contest.

    If BOTM is about design then content has no place and to me, BOTM is about design.

    I hate it when someone complains because they are not winning. Accept that another site is better than yours if that is what the members here vote and do not demean our vote by preaching that your site is better.

    If your site is better then it will win.

    I personally think your forum needs help. You are using graphics that look like someone that is new to designing created them. Then to get to the forum content itself I have to wade through five blocks of junk.

    First we have the extra large welcome header.
    Next we have the navigation section - which should be at the top of the forum.
    Then we have a search section.
    And then, we have a chatbox.
    Finally we have a quote box.

    All of those before you even get to the actual content of your forum. That is terrible design and shows that you need help when it comes to understanding what works and what does not work when creating a forum. The skin itself may not be all that bad, but with all the junk you have before the content - it turns people away.

    You wanted to get down and dirty with honesty, well from one Tennessean to another - you have it.
    Last edited by Comtech; Mon 12 Nov '07, 6:53pm.

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  • MsJacquiiC
    started a topic Feedback & Suggestions Regarding BOTM Competition

    Feedback & Suggestions Regarding BOTM Competition

    There's an interesting discussion of sorts going on in the November BOTM Voting thread:

    I know it's not the 1st time that such a discussion has taken place, because I know I'm not the 1st person to ever express such a strong-worded feeling about the "contest"

    The reason I put "contest" in quotations is because IMHO this past year of voting has become a Popularity Contest, rather than simply being a BOTM competition - And 1st order of contention is a comment recently made that I want to respond to:

    These contests are here to pay tribute to those communities that have taken the time, effort and yes even hard earned money (if a person chooses), to create the best looking style for vBulletin on a monthly basis. Content matters very little in this contest, again it is located in the Graphics and Styles section of vBulletin - that alone should give everybody a hint as to what is the main factor to winning BOTM.
    I certainly disagree with this finding AND as such - if the above quoted is the case - I simply suggest the "contest" be renamed to Design of the Month rather than Board of the Month.

    In my opinion --- as Webmistress who has spent hours upon hours upon hours doing search engine optimization (prior to our install of vBSEO), promotional endeavors (as seen via our promotional links below) & Administrative duties (keeping the board current with upgrades, etcetera etcetera etcetera) amongst other things --- a Board of the Month contest would specifically address issues of building, sustaining & maintaning a Community AND the Community's content, rather than simply being about "design" - and thus my suggestion to rename the contest - or simply admit that it's a farce.


    CONTENT does indeed matter, for what is a vBulletin-based internet Community without content? I cordially suggest that it's a wasted piece of software. In fact - What is a Board of the Month contest when "Design is the #1 factor of winning" and basically nothing else is taken into consideration?

    How would I make BOTM better?
    1. Perhaps there should be a system to be considered for inclusion in the voting poll...

    1. A posts a nomination
    2. B 2nds the nomination
    3. Moderator C examines the forum based to see if it qualifies based on:
      • General appeal of the Community
      • Activity of the Community
      • Number of threads/posts within the Community
      • Etcetera
    4. At the end of nomination period Moderator C opens the voting poll based on order of nomination, order of Moderator approval

    That's just one of the ideas I have of how to make the BOTM a valid competition as opposed to simply being a beauty contest tucked back in the bowels of the Templates, Graphics & Styles section of

    I wonder how many agree or have additional suggestions/comments/concerns about the BOTM competition as it is now. I'm sure we all welcome your opinions and such - So post away - and feel free to debate- But let's try to stray away from the name-calling and such that my very own posts have incited in the November Voting Poll.
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