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    Originally posted by Floris View Post
    I rather see devs coding
    of corz we want them to do coding but somebody over there tell us what are they doing now


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      Well, before 2008 means in the next 50 days, so that is soon enough to wait for.
      I buy 420 forums


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        a new year "gift"???


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          Originally posted by seangworld View Post
          because that was just posted THIS MORNING.

          thanks kiev.
          er, what?
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            Originally posted by Kier View Post
            All will be revealed very soon.
            Its going to make a fine christmas present!
            Sound District


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              cool! that's fast...


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                yes.....i now know where to look. thanks all.


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                  I think its a matter of days before we see 3.7 .


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                    Originally posted by ---MAD--- View Post
                    I think its a matter of days before we see 3.7 .
                    Why do you think that?


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                      Waiting ...

                      Mad I do hope you're right.
                      Problem is with NO info on what it will do it's holding up a lot of decisions on other things.
                      I really like zoints for example - the user design options on their profile are great. The gallery is good - but I'd like to see more scope for making a pic into a mini page by adding text (notes, description) to it.

                      One thing I don't like about zoints is it doesn't pick up the design of your VB. So it's not zoints LOCAL at all. Just zoints bolted in to a VB.
                      I don't mind a credit to zoints at the bottom; why shouldnt they get credit? But if it's intended to integrate then it should integrate.
                      I'd assume VBUlletin Social Networking will fit in with one's VB design. So that's a plus already.

                      I'm keen to see if VB SN will have a user designed profile, draggable units on the profile page; and a good gallery integration. Will it replace the current profile page but include what's there already and add more on? I hope so.

                      I also hope it will do searches on keyword interests like zoints does very neatly. And show a selected usergroup of members.

                      The BIG problem with zoints local is that it ISN'T local. This I find infuriating especially as they DO have a scripot to provide a genuinely local zoints. They just stopped making it available!

                      It means I can't have a private members only service. You have to link into the whole ruddy zoints network of communities. Now that is a mega issue.
                      For some the zoints linking into a whole collection of communities is fantastic. Having joined the open community I can see using it on one of my own sites. Hopping around between communities is certainly fun.

                      But for others the enforced openness is a complete switchoff.
                      Some boards are for work projects where you don't want people skipping off into other comunities, or at least you don't want to encourage it.
                      Some are for young or vulnerable people that need or want protected private community space. Allowing access to young or vulnerable members is a potential minefield.
                      Some community organisers are concerned that the forced integration into the open zoints community will drain their members interest into other groups, bigger better established ones. The hard line is compete or wither off. But a community needs a period to set up and grow. So a truly local zoints should allow this option for a community to be protected while it develops into stability.
                      I wrote my concerns to zoints and got a polite but total brishoff answer to one query, no answer at all to another.

                      I'm looking at other possibilities that might mean dropping VB. I dont want to do that so I very much hope VB SN will provide a genuinely user creative, user customisable profile page (layout, colours) either with a gallery or that works with a good gallery. Member links to their own videos media etc.

                      Plus member searches, member interest links. What would be good is a cumulative glossary function on interests. So as each member adds keywords they add to a database of keywords. This list is then accessible to members to view and tick if they share that interest. Like a wiki it creates a link work not just a keyword.

                      I should have thought a core list of what it will do could be given in advance if it's arriving very soon. Some items might be uncertain on detail but if it's so close to being available a lot of it must be clear by now.


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                        OK I just found an interesting development.

                        SocialEngine are offering a tutorial on how to integrate their stuff with VB.
                        QUOTE Our tutorial will give you very simple step-by-step instructions for integrating your phpBB or vBulletin forum into SocialEngine. UNQUOTE


                        They are releasing a new version over all Dec. 1 2007 and it looks like the VB integration support is coming within a few weeks after that.

                        Worth checking in case the VB SN turns out to be disappointing.


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                          good looking out.


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                            if the vb SN thing is disappointing, i will be closing down my vb for good.


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                              i must say there has been far too much secrecy for this to fail. i expect it to come out very soon and make all my days of coming to this board looking for updates to be deserved. if not i will probably be following you.


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                                Originally posted by ricerice View Post

                                i must say there has been far too much secrecy for this to fail. i expect it to come out very soon and make all my days of coming to this board looking for updates to be deserved. if not i will probably be following you.
                                vBulletin never discloses upcoming features or release dates. Using the word secrecy is overkill.


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