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Why don't you use Project tools for suggestions?

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  • Why don't you use Project tools for suggestions?

    This is not a suggestion for vB, its a suggestion for suggestions
    Why don't you use Project tools for suggestions? From what I saw in its test section, it would be quite useful.

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    The developers will take the suggestions that get approved and place them in a "Features" category that is only available to staff. These include technical discussions that aren't suitable for the general public on the implementation of these features once approved.
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      I don't like seeing suggestions in the PT yet. I prefer seeing them as threads, so I can treat them and enjoy all features available for a thread. Also being in the PT, the logic should require each suggestion to be flagged/replied to from the Devs, which I consider unacceptable.


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        I made this suggestion in response to this thread and Mazinger's worries in particular.
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