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    I like the changes! There were way too many forums. Is it over now or is there going to be more changes?

    The forum listing is still pretty huge (and that can always put off some newbies...some customers might see it all and think vB is too complicated for them to handle, so many forums can be overwhelming), so here are some of my suggestions:

    -Archive the 3.2 bugs forum(s) under the 'Archive' heading at the very bottom. Last post in this forum was over 2 years ago.
    -Make "vBulletin 2 FAQs and Tips" a subforum of vBulletin 2 'How Do I' and Troubleshooting...makes sense, as tips usually are "how do I"-related, and FAQs usually answer both "how do I" questions and other problems.

    I assume there's still enough 3.0 users to warrant not doing the same merging to those forums as was done to the 2.0 forums, so I'd personally at least:
    -Make "vBulletin 3.0 Fixes and Patches" a subforum of vBulletin 3.0 Troubleshooting and Problems.
    -Do the same to the "vBulletin 3.0 Bug Tracker" forum redirect. It'd show under the subforum listing on the main board page anyway, and that's all ready that's needed for that.
    -Make "vBulletin 3.0 Quick Tips and Customizations" a subforum of "vBulletin 3.0 'How Do I' Questions." So few posts, and I think it's fitting in there.

    Also, I do believe I heard that the Under Consideration and Implemented Suggestions are no longer being used and thus they might just mislead new users and also confuse them. If they really aren't being used, I'd archive them.

    I think this would help a lot and make vBulletin look a lot more user-friendly to new customers.

    Thanks for listening!
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    I wish the "General" category was the last one aside from, instead of being above vBulletin 2. I could always just scroll all the way down and click Chit Chat.


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      Originally posted by Tailfeathers View Post
      I like the changes! There were way too many forums. Is it over now or is there going to be more changes?
      I thought all this was just to make way for the gold release of 3.6 Least that was what I was hoping for. Thought I might pop along here this morning and find gold waiting for me, alas not to be... though its still early.

      The restructure overall is better from a confused user point of view, it is sometimes difficult aside from the vB versions to choose the correct forum. All your idea's seem cool, I know most of my users didn't like oodles of forums and newbies were overwhelmed.


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        Is it over now or is there going to be more changes?
        If you think about it a few more changes might be applied - pending 3.6's Gold release.


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          Hope so. Hope my ideas might get considered.
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