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    Actually, as far as I know the hacks you're referring to are paid hacks that have to be bought on the authors website and aren't distributed via
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      I think you have your issues mixed DanaSoft
      A coder released some paid mods at HIS SITE. Not His site went down and the code stopped working. That code was never posted on because we don't allow commercial mods OR encrypted code.

      So, Psionic Vision's code was not the 'backdoor' issue that was discussed at and really had nothing to do with It was a matter between him and his paying customers.


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        Then I apologize for my mistake.


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          No problem



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            I totally agree, needs to be taken over by a new, serious team of administrators / moderators. Soon, I foresee, each of the staff members is going to leave, and the site is going to be left without any supervision...

            You have to do something about it right now, not in far future.


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              Originally posted by TeaTree View Post
              What you're saying doesn't add up-If you didn't know about when you first bought vBulletin, why wouldn't you have bought vBulletin in the first place? Basically, to you it was a hidden bonus, in your sitation you bought it for the actual product so what you're saying is false.
              I believe you misunderstood me. Allow me to clarify? My point was, I assumed that support, including help with the vBulletin source code, core functions, and plugin system, would be handled here, by professional support personnel. So, ammend my comment to mean "if I'd known that all customization questions are fielded to a different, amateur site,, I wouldn't be a customer".

              You're essentially correct though - I'm glad I bought it first, rather than having my decision skewed by .org.

              Also, it wasn't my intent to start a flame here. All the "Site Feedback" threads on get pounced on, hijacked, filled with personal insults and assumptions... and that's just by the staff. I felt the only chance to get any of the "Powers That Be" to listen, was to post here. I'm satisfied with Kier's response.
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                I'm a vbulletin customer since nearly 1 year, since this time I also join
                My opinion, is a nice place to get hacks for free made from coder in their free time and they don't get paid for the hacks and don't get paid for the free support they give for the hacks sharing with all of us.
                And because of this situation, I take what I can get and don't demand a fulltime support for the hacks. Also do I respect a hidden forum only for coders because they deserve it if they think there is a need for it.
                Sorry I can't understand people only demanding to get everything for free but it's not enough for them.
                Because I'm not a coder I'm very happy to get free hacks and free support on, thanks.


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                  Nice sentiments. However, they have nothing to do with the issue at hand, which is the value of as the official discussion site for plugin development and vBulletin coding questions. The fact that you can get free hacks there from generous coders is fine, and I'm sure we all join you in your gratitude for them.
                  Thomas D. Greer


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                    Originally posted by DanaSoft View Post
                    Without the coders, there would be no mods for you to enjoy. Don't bite the hand that feeds you, folks; you can put up a site, but without the community to write and support their mods your selection will diminish greatly. It's the sense of community and the ability to get recgonition for ones work that leads many of the developers to post their work on that site.

                    I've released many mods in my spare time, what little there is of it. But lately I find myself posting less of my mods simply because the mentality of the leechers is one of 'entitlement'.

                    The problem at .org is not the Moderators/Admins; it's the leeches who jump up and down and scream that they demand changes while their history is one of being less than contributory.

                    Not one of those people on that site complaining would put up with any of the stuff they are throwing at the Admins. If I went on any of their sites and behaved like they did, you can bet I would be banned; but somehow its acceptible for them to behave like that on other peoples sites. Again, the sense of entitlement.

                    IMO, set the rules, enforce them and let the noisemakers find a new place to complain.

                    It's sad to see the org loose so many talented moderators because of some spoiled rotten little kids.
                    Hmm, I hope you understand what I meant. I appreciate all of the coders and hackers who put in their hard work to produce a (usuall) free plugin or hack. I really do. I am trying to learn PHP and MySQL, and even with as little experience as I have, I can see the uphill struggle that comes with alot of projects.
                    However, at the same time, if somebody produces a half.. minded.. job of a plug in and does not support it, then I do not feel entitled to respect them based soley on that. There are many great coders, and to the ones who put in their hard work and help users with problems, I give them my respect. However, with those many great people come a few who can ruin perspective for others.

                    I have not installed any hacks on my forums for a few reasons. First, I would rather keep it as close to the original install as I can. Second, the hacks I have seen that I could use, the author has not seemed to return questions on it. I would rather not use a hack where the author immediately comments that, "why should I help you, you're just leeching my work". If you truly feel that way, I feel no need to use the work. I just wanted to ask a question, not get into some drama.

                    Which is another thing some hackers seem to misread. Just because some of us aren't as skilled in PHP and feel the need to use a hack shouldn't automatically mean we are "those pathetic leechers who can't code". That just gives such an elitist attitude that, why bother using Yes, it's there if I would like to see about using something post installation, but if I have to hear about how I can't code and be given a belittling title by those who can, screw that! Some of us do PM hackers asking questions or giving c&c, but it seems as if that doesn't matter, since we can't code.

                    Just the feeling I've been getting.


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                      IF it was not for those "1337" minded 'ers , then vbulletin prob would not have expanded and got as popular as it was.


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                        While a good chunk of our customers are intrested in the majority will never go further than modifying the header image.


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                          Originally posted by Zachery View Post
                          While a good chunk of our customers are intrested in the majority will never go further than modifying the header image.
                          And how many of them run successful forums?


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                            Me for one.
                            Steve Machol, former vBulletin Customer Support Manager (and NOT retired!)
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                              Originally posted by mentalrz View Post
                              And how many of them run successful forums?
                              Define "successful"? To some it's hordes of users, to others it's a precious lack of quantity, both in users and posts, while the few that are there are like gold.

                              Like Zachery and Steve point out, it's not always how it looks, it's what's presented.
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                                Originally posted by Zachery View Post
                                While a good chunk of our customers are intrested in the majority will never go further than modifying the header image.
                                Dat's me.
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