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    This must be on your end? I been getting weird displays or missing page indexing? I am on IE 6.0 & not IE 7 beta.

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    FWIW I'm not seeing this and I use IE6.
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      Originally posted by Steve Machol
      FWIW I'm not seeing this and I use IE6.
      Same here.
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        It appears fine for me as well.
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          I think I know what it was? You ever seen the forum expand a little, then it resizes to fit screen resolution? I think it got stuck long enough for me 10min. for me to PrtScn. It is not the first time I have been seeing strange stuff happen here before. The last time was the page index went nutty and before that I got blank posts as I was going though the forum? I thought it was a joke. I guess it might have to do with the Northern Lights up here in Canada. I guess Colin figure it out? I am starting to think my computer is going to giveup.


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            The thread title might have been too wide for the fixed width style to display properly pushing the design wider.