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Just checking to see if you censor....

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  • Just checking to see if you censor....

    This is my first post to this forum. I'm really impressed with the speed of vB. I tried to discuss vB at the UBB forum and every instance of the work vBulletin gets censored. Seems like an excellent product so far.

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    they're a tad touchy about this forum over there...

    I'm glad you like it. It's working out great on my site so far


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      BTW, excellent content at

      What kind of bandwidth/hardware do you require to run a vB similar to yours? I am currently thinking of setting up a forum just like it here in Montreal. I have a dedicated Linux server with 24 domains on it already. Here are my specs:

      Celeron 366
      128 megs Ram
      6.4 gb hard drive
      Red Hat 6.1
      I have 50gb of bandwidth included with the server (of which I have only used 5gb per month)
      I don't have mySQL installed on it though (only postgreSQL)

      I would probably upgrade the ram to 256 megs if I installed vB.

      Just trying to get an understanding of what it would take to run a forum like yours.

      Thanks in advance.


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        well, what you're seeing is a shadow of what it normally is. There was a power outage at the serve farm the other night and the *******s had a bad UPS on my server. There *were* 10k+ topics, 200k+ posts. What you see now is the last 42 hours.

        The server:

        Dual PIII 600
        NT 4/IIS 4
        512 Mb 100 mHz SDRAM
        mySQL 3.22.14 as a process (needs to be compiled as threaded)
        PHP 4.0.1 PL1 (need to get PL2) run as CGI (have probs as a module under IIS)

        I'm going to install and test Apache to see if I can run PHP as a module with it. If so, I will kill IIS.

        A lot of people are running it fine on a lot less. I do have one of the most active vB's, though, with about 60k PV's/day and I use about 2Gb/day Bandwidth. I have HTML and Images on, too. My users tend to get a little carried away with it. Luckily I have unlimited bandwidth.

        You should be able to run it faster on Linux than I can on NT. You should definitely get 256 Mb memory or more, though. A lot less probs like that.


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          The server you mentioned above is solely for your vB forum?

          How do you afford to run a dedicated server like that and how did you ever get unlimited traffic from anyone?



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            that's all I run on it now. I have plans for a few more sites, though.

            I got the unlimited deal because Interland was trying to build the numbers for their IPO and were offering outrageous deals.

            That server only costs me $700/month for the next year. After that I have to renegotiate. The crash the other night will come into play when I renegotiate

            It normally runs at about 10% load and spikes ocassionally to 100%, but that's PHP running as CGI instead of as a module. During the short burst I was able to keep it running as a module it would spike at 5%.


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