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    We had to block HTTP 1.0 requests due to a Denial of Service attack from some former customers.
    Scott MacVicar

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      Originally posted by Gary Bolton
      1: Upload files (you don't even have to chmod any)
      2: Create blank database
      3: edit config file and change a few lines of code (hardest thing to do)
      3: Install

      Does that qualify me as a TECHY!
      Why create a blank database for an upgrade?
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        Originally posted by Kier
        The problem we have found with simply linking to the more technical information is that it's even less likely to be read, leading to an exponential increase in the amount of support tickets coming in from people who've managed to break their hacked boards during the upgrade process.
        What a catch-22. Can't be brief for the impatient (and just look here by how much: 3.5.1 came out, and within a minute there was a stampede to read the changelog and d/l it!!) -- yet the techies won't stop being lazy and just follow a linky????

        Come on you coders, let grandma get the brief and you guys can follow the link and jaw about the details in chit chat or Win-Win for everyone.

        Just thought of something: could you hide the long list of details with a increase/decrease link <-- and just call it "Expand for more details" for those who need them? Would make the thread much more tidier, and grandma doesn't have to get intimitated by all the code talk <-- which can be daunting and scare folks off.

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