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Why does this forum seem to go down every few days?

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  • Why does this forum seem to go down every few days?

    It seems like every few days, the server for this vB forum kaks. I get "connection refused when trying to connect to..." for a couple of hours, then the site comes back.

    What gives...?

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    It seems the data center that hosts this site is having network problems recently.


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      shiity host provider.. when its not down for many hours at a time, its slow as a 9800 baud modem (as it was most of today).. i wouldn't want this type of hosting if it was for free.


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        I haven't been having any problems. and Last I knew They're being hosted at the Planet, and The planet is FAR from a "shiity" host.

        this is the internet, sometimes everything is not perfect.


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          I'm also at The Planet and have enjoyed 206 days server uptime with only 30 minutes outage in that period for a scheduled PIX maintenance.

          I don't think there are data center network issues at all... though I would more readily believe it if the rack that vBulletin was in suffered problems due to a specific router or something... but even then, Jelsoft could simply ask to be moved to another rack surely?

          My experience of The Planet is simply that I am VERY impressed.

          I've personally been phoned on my UK mobile at 3am UK time because one of their guys noticed a server load alert. It was innocent, just GZIP'ing my database backup on a cron... but the fact that they monitor and notice this, and then follow escalation procedures, and if I've left vague instructions that they do not hesitate in making an expensive international call... well I recommend them very very highly.

          So sorry, but I don't buy that the datacenter has network problems.

          It's the internet, I don't expect everything to be up all the time, and when vBulletin is up it's pretty fast and responsive given the concurrent users.

          What I dislike though is possible libel and damages in saying that it's a datacenter network thing... which from a Jelsoft employee could easily cost The Planet further business as members here might follow Jelsofts lead in hosting choice and base their hosting choice solely on Jake's comment.

          As a company that is a very unprofessional assertion for Jelsoft to make without backing it up or asking The Planet to issue a statement clarifying issues that you may have experienced at their expense.

          I don't mind if vBulletin goes down from time to time, we all experience problems every now and then... but please back up any claims and not just make generalisations like that.

          Apologies if this seems a bit harsh, but I was quite taken aback reading that from a vB team member.
          London Fixed-gear and Single-speed


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            At times, the cause has been traced back to routing issues, which Jakeman alludes to. Other times the cause has been something going haywire with the server. We've altered some settings in regards to the web server that we believe may resolve the problem. We continue to work with the Planet in hopes of resolving the issue.


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