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  • Crap cookie for VBB

    Hey VBB owner or Tech,
    I register then...i login so 3month cookie is mess i delete all my cookie from win i login vbb then keep ask me login/password everywhere....example...u click any forum and any post/replies, too keep ask me login/password...its really STUPID ask me everywhere and everytimes....D A M N ! i think MSQL is STUPID cause problem i'm not sure. UBB has No problem....because Ubb does not have MSQL and PHP, too...VBB has it...probaly cause it..

    Thank you,

    ps. DONT <edited for language - James> DELETE THIS POST...i need to see u reply me. Thank you.
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    I am very sorry that your cookies have been messed up. If you would like to browse without cookies, you may set that option in your control panel, then your cookies will not matter.

    Thank you also for your constructive criticism of the PHP/MSQL combo. We will bear that in mind if we ever choose to use MSQL, but for now we will stick to MySQL.

    All the best,


    PS If you would like your posting permissions back, please email me at [email protected] . Thanks!
    John Percival

    Artificial intelligence usually beats real stupidity ;)


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      I'm glad you decided to share your <non-existent> knowledge of PHP and MSQL with us. Because of you, I have learned that
      • VBB is the proper abbreviation of vBulletin.
      • vBulletin uses MSQL.
      • MSQL has the ability in and of itself to set cookies.
      • I need to delete all the cookies from my hard drive if one is screwed up.
      • UBB doesn't use PHP or MSQL.

      Thank you, once again, for educating me. I hope you get your posting priveleges back real soon, so you can continue to teach me many things about PHP and MSQL.

      If I ever need someone to troubleshoot something, I'll be sure to get in touch with you. From your post here, it's quite clear you know exactly what you're doing and would be perfect to write a script for me, or troubleshoot problems with my browser.

      On a side note, I really don't appreciate you treating the dev team and the owners of Jelsoft like. You obviously have no idea what goes into putting together any kind of script, and have no clue how to operate your browser. What irks me is the people screaming and *****ing at the dev team the loudest are usually the ones who have no clue about what they're saying.


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        Forgot one other thing - for some odd reason, UBB could never keep my cookie. It was always deleted within a session or two of it being set. I have never had my vB cookie erased without me specifically clicking on Logout.


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          Originally posted by vbboo
          i need to see u reply me.
          All your base are belong to us. You will not survive make your time.



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            All Your

            All Your base


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