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  • Sales suggestion?

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this suggestion, but I'll give it a try anyways. Mods, please feel free to move / delete this thread if you seem fit.

    I think the current license system is great, it allows users to either pay up front a large investment and use the software for a long time to come or pay a little bit lesser and pay the recurring fee, however, I was doing some calculations and I found that paid license is only worthwhile if you run the software for more than three years? Here's how I looked at the case:

    	Owned	Lease
    Year 1	160	85
    Year 2	190	170
    Year 3	220	255
    Year 4	250	340
    Year 5	280	425
    Year 6	310	510
    Year 7	340	595
    Year 8	370	680
    Year 9	400	765
    Year 10	430	850
    As you can see, although keeping your software up-to-date with the latest version for owned licenses costs only 30 per year, the up-to-date option comes bundled with the leased license. And it seems that it'll take you whole three years to start to see the savings. I think it may be better if owned license holders start to see the savings quicker, and that way more people would be willing to pay for the owned license up front. Perhaps you guys can look into this and lower the renewal fee for owned license holders?

    Andy Huang
    PS: I own two owned licenses already, and I am definetly interested in getting more in the future, but this renewal fee is quite annoying for me
    Best Regards,
    Andy Huang

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    You know you are not required to continue to renew it Only if you wish to download vBulletin that day. If the owned license download access has expirered you can still continue to run vBulletin, you just cant download a copy from the members area.

    So you could buy a license, 160 not renew for 3 years, then renew it.

    Cost 190
    Lease 249

    but with a lease you "must" renew every year inorder to continue using the software.


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      I haven't quite been with the software for too too long, so I may not be qualified to say this, but doesn't Jelsoft usually have minor version releases (IE: 2.3.2, 2.3.4, 2.3.5 etc.) once every so often? I think it may be fairly safe to say that these minor version releases happens more common than once per year, right? Some times, while not always, but some times, these revisions addresses numerious bug fixes and it'd be good to have our forums up to date. In all cases, I don't wish to stir up any problems, I am just throwing my findings up in the air for the sales team
      Best Regards,
      Andy Huang


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        Yes, there are minor releases and it generally is a good idea to upgrade, but vBulletin will still run without these updates. Any critical security fixes are usually posted in these forums, so if a bug did show up, all license holders (active or not) would be able to download the fix.

        Other license owners decide not to upgrade their forums, because they have so many modifications installed or can't bear the downtime.
        Best Regards
        Colin Frei

        Please don't contact me per PM.


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          Ive had my licence since i joined in these forums (mid 2001?) and i have only paid for members area access renewal twice. I left it a whole year because it was unnecessary to upgrade until vb3 was publically available (and i still have 8 odd months left, so i went without download access for almost 2 years)