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Reputation System Disabled?

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    Its a rather useless feature no matter how I look at it. Stupid morons will always post stupid junk while helpful users will always post helpful materials. Having such an option enabled simply wastes bandwidth and nothing more. I've kept it off on all my two vB installations.
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      I'm just a regular bulletin board user...If the question is about censorship . then I say. give us all freedom of speech.


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        I am for it.
        Allows testing of the system too for would be buyers.

        Besides, I personally feel the community here is mature enough. Plus members self moderate each other, a sign of a truely mature and mindful community., now open!
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          I like the Rep system, It gives people an extra encentive to contribute to the forum, and It makes people think twice before they post something stupid. If "Rep" is causing problems on your forum, just make it a rule not to complain about rep points.

          Edit: I just realised that you were talking about THIS forum and not Vbulletin forums in general.


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            rep system moderations only work if you have seriously set up the reputation system, including promotions/demotions that make a difference
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