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Remember the good things...

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  • Andrew111888
    VB = vB

    And yes, they rule.

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  • Bad_i_BILL
    started a topic Remember the good things...

    Remember the good things...

    I hope this is ok to put in ths area.....
    I am speaking about myself & if you feel convicted by this, do something about it.

    I get wrapped in the ME,way too often.
    For example I came here as a pre-licensed member. I got caught up in asking questions & when it was time to draw the line, I wrongfully flew off the handle. I got caught up in taking it for granted I could get something for nothing. Rather than being Thankful I got what I did get. I feel like a FOOL now.

    Now I am a member of an awesome community. I am thankful NOW.
    As a forum owner & a private business owner, I am discovering that people can be crude, rude & just act like an ass sometimes. Well, I do not have to tollerate it. The staff here or anywhere else have the right to feel that way too.

    Here is my point:
    Respect the staff members here at VB & try putting yourself in their shoes. If you are not a license holder & have no access to the members area, you are quite clueless. These guys & gals answer what seems like HUNDREDS of questions an hour. That takes a committed team. My hat is off to you all.

    Excellent tech support here.
    Great speed in getting an answer.
    Accurate information.
    Truly exceeding my expectations.

    I am a HARD nut to crack. I do not learn too easily. Stubborn & set in my ways. These hard working people just take me as another part of their day.

    Call me corny or think what you will.
    This is the Month for thankfulness. I know as I pray with my family on Thanksgiving day, I will be thankful for those that have helped me. Here & other places too.
    If you complain when it is not right.
    Then pat these guys on the back & tell them when they do it right too.

    I am honored to be a client & have you great VB members here to help me. I thank all of you who have helped & those that will help. You deserve respect & patience. In case I forget later to say it: THANK YOU! Jelsoft has one hell of a good group here & that is the backbone of a great company. As I step off the soapbox, I just want to say: (I feel terrible about the negative things I said to one individual here. I wish I could delete those couple unnecessary & truly WRONG posts I had made. After I did that, you have still helped me. You know who you are & what I am talking about.)

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