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    Every time I'm in the members area some of the wording really irks me. Perahps that it's stuff like "Priority Support" don't associate well with "access member only forums, or receive any support on the forums". In my opinon, some rewording would be nice.

    Some possible suggestions/comments going down the list:

    • Support Services heading isn't the best, although it is ok. Perhaps something like "Additional Options".
    • "Member Support" could be renamed to "Resources". The page would then just continue to have links to all stuff like graphics SDK, manual, etc. Although the manual links in the resources shoudl just be stuff to the downloadable/printable versions (.chm, and the printer friendly page), as there is already a documentation link.
    • "Contact Us" should be simply "Support". The page is almost as good as it. The only additions that need to be made is the number for phone support for those who have it, and possibly a little blurb asking for feedback/comments/suggestions to [email protected] or the like.
    • "Priority Support" is easily the worst of them all. There is absolutely nothing in that phrase which really describes what the page does. Some possibilities for a rename: "Forums Access", "Member Forums". Another option is to just get rid of the "Community Forums" link, and call this "Community Forums", but add a little explanation as far as what the page is, why it should be filled out before heading to the forums (after all, once a person knows where they are I doubt they'll go through the members' area again).
    • "License Agreement" is actually very well worded. Perhaps the only gripe is it opening in a new window without members' navigration.
    • "Documentation" - no significant issues, but "Manual" would probably be a tad better. Also perhaps instead of giving another chocie, just take the user to the html manual (especially if the first suggestion is done), possibly in a new window.
    • "Import Scripts" - perfect as is.
    • "FAQ" - there is only one FAQ section - sales. Take the user directly there, not give yet another menu to pick from all the same exact links.
    • "Community Forums" - good as is, although note suggestion about "Priority Support"
    Hope this helps .
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