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    Im not speaking on behalf of Xenon, but i think that he has no intentions of lifting a ban that was cought trying to login to a staff members account, however i may be wrong.


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      @rebelsrock: nope, there was no other account matching that ip.

      @forit: i already did contact you and explained the wholes situation, all you answered was a link to this thread, which i already mentioned in my PM.

      As Zak already said, we won't lift bans for IP's which have tried to hack into several staff accounts.
      The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!
      - Thomas Jefferson


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        i konw you think i hack to but you worng!!

        im not a stupid to do this!
        contact me


        [email protected]


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          Nope, i won't contact you on any instant messenger.

          I've answered your PM, but all you did was sending me a link to that thread here.
          You can still answer my PM, maybe you just missunderstood something, but i definitelly won't contact you on private messengers when you ignore answers already sent to you.
          The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!
          - Thomas Jefferson


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            Originally posted by Xenon (in a recent interview)
            I normally have a line, if you don't cross this line, then you can live with me just fine. But once the line is crossed, I am very strict. Even so, I always prefer to talk to the users before taking any major action. As experience shows, that doesn't always work, so if the last barrier is down, I’m not a nice mod anymore.
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              Originally posted by forit
              I dont understand thet im buy vBulletin system and you ban me from the site
              plasae the administors contact me!!
              You are currently showing up as unlicensed, please goto the member area and click on priority support, after which you will show up licensed on these forums. These are the official support forums, we can help you here too. Just not with source code modification questions. I am sorry, but the staff of has chosen to not life the IP ban to prevent possible further abuse from the person who tried to login, being that you or someone else. If it isn't you, unfortn. you are out of luck.

              We will leave it at this.


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