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support ticket got closed, problems?!

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  • support ticket got closed, problems?!


    I opened a support ticket in july 4th because i had some problems with a import script.

    Next day i got an Access Denied error when i tried to view my ticket via the web. I tried to to reopen it and sended a ticket with the correct 'SID' code.
    The next day i got an email saying my sid-code has expired.

    I contacted James Limm about that yesterday and didn't get a reply yet. I resend that email and i hope he will reply.

    What went wrong?! Iam totally clueless
    That's the end of that!

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    The most likely problem is that the subject of your ticket made it look like spamn and it was deleted as spam. We have a significant problem with spam in the support system. Currently only about 1 out of a 100 tickets is legitimate. The rest are spam. This is making it very diffricult to figure out what is legitimate and what is not.

    At this point you'll need to send a new support ticket. Sorry for the inconveniece.
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      Ok, i send a new ticket
      That's the end of that!


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