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  • Whats going on???

    I am currently unable to access any of the 3 vB sites from my home computer. I can access them fine from work. When visiting any of the sites from home, I see the standard database error screens. Obviously there are no database errors, so whats going on? Do you have a "banned" group that is shown these pages? If so, why am I in that group?

    I've been trying to post my sig image uploader hack at all week. Grrr.

    I emailed the support address, but have received no reply as of yet.

    Please help me get this sorted out. Thanks in advance.

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    In the last hour we had a few minutes of being unreachable (at least to me to) but it was resolved quickly.


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      No, you dont understand. I can access the sites fine from here at work. As soon as I get home tonight, I wont be able to access any of the vB sites. They will all show me the database error screens. This has been going on for the past 3 days or so.


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        Use a proxy at home, my isp had the same problem when they switched servers.


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          AH yes ofcourse.

          Your ISP hasn't updated their name servers yet. They switched between VO / TP
          So your work has the right address, but at home - not yet.