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Negative Feedback regarding your Support Phone Line.

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  • Negative Feedback regarding your Support Phone Line.

    I just called the Support Line for VB and the PERSON THERE HUNG UP ON ME. I was asking where this PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP IS LOCATED which i can not find, and i was asking about a FORUM IMPORT and they said they can not OFFER ME ANY SUPPORT because i am not a premium member. I paid my 160$ for Vbulletin can't find this number... ?


    Some one needs to explain.

    The phone operators name was Steven or Stephan
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    Toll free support is not included with the vBulletin licence. You need to purchase Support Contracts tp receive telephone support.

    Toll-Free Telephone Support - $60/$180/$300

    If you would prefer the extra service of being able to talk to a vBulletin support technician via the telephone, please purchase one of our telephone support contracts. The short term contract (available for $60) will give you unlimited access to our toll-free technical support line for a full month... more than enough time for us to guide you through the product installation and setup.

    We also offer longer term support contracts (length of 6 or 12 months) available for $180 and $300 respectively.

    The toll-free telephone service is available from 9am - 5pm PST (GMT - 7), Monday to Friday.


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      Regardless, no one should have hung up on you.

      Please note the call center people do not give out the Technical Support number unless you provide them with a customer number and they can verify you have paid for the telephone support option. Telephone support is far too costly to be free.

      I will bring up the issue with them hanging up on you tomorrow. However it was wrong of you to continue calling them after they told you about the premium support option.
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        Well, i called back

        I called back because i was in the middle of describing my problem and I would have bought 60$ right then and there. Because this import is kinda important to my website.

        I was giving him the information of the gentlemen who took my support ticket and then *CLICK* I was just trying to verify where exactly I should look. I eventually got back in touch with the SAME guy and when i described what happened he laughed it off and just said "well what is the problem your having".. that made it even worse considering it was only 5 minutes that passed. I got the info finally but he said over the phone they couldnt really help me with a import because its too extensive to do it manually, and just stick to the support ticket i filed. Fine with me, it was just unexpected having that happen to a program i support with all my BEING!

        I guess ill just have to wait for the import scripts to be released.

        But, thanks Steve for hearing me out.


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          if you need an import you should be able to request one thought the support system here on the website


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            Originally posted by Zachery
            if you need an import you should be able to request one thought the support system here on the website
            I did, but the waiting is killing me, its a rather important import for a large client. But i guess I have too.


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