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  • screenshots on the new site

    Hey all,

    It has been said the white style is the standard-style and the images have been optimized for that style.

    But why do the screenshots on the new site show the gray style?!

    <- this is not the white style and even the gray style looks a bit different
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    also, this screenshot is still with the old images. BTW: the images show white spots on the edges when using the grey style, shouldn't they have transparent background


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      That Screenshot is taken from the Jupiter Developement Forums. (Developer Area Forums)
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        It looks like it was taken when the new style was in developement. I see several differences.

        1. It's got the colors from the grey style. Maybe that was Kier's intention, but then he decided on the new colors and made the grey style downloadable for those who want it?

        2. Purple buttons. Ugh.

        3. The forumdisplay looks a lot different. First of all, it still has the column for thread starter. Views and replies are in one column together, which is located next to the last post column. Next to that is the thread ratings column, which also ceases to exist now (and was in a different location in the vB3 Betas and vB2).

        4. On the forum list, it has threads and posts in one column, similar to how views and replies are in one column in forumdisplay.

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            also if im not mistaken i think thats a screenshot of a VB2 board it has all the navbar links on the top like the vb2 boards
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              I just told you exactly what it was. It was a screenshot of the new vB3 style while it was in developement at Jupiter Develpement Forums. It was never an "official" vB2 or vB3 style, and it is not the same as the Grey style - which is just the White style with different colors and a different logo.


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                and why is that?

                What if i like to have that version displayed on the screengrabs because it is on the screengrabs which are on the official site beeing titled as vB 3.0.0?
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                  No one knows why those weird screengrabs are displayed. Maybe Kier was mind controlled by aliens and they made him do it?


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