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  • Order of issues in typecount


    What determines the order of the issuetypes in the typecount that's used when projects are displayed in the forumlist?

    I have several projects with the same 4 issuetypes, all of them listed in the forumhome, however the order in which the counts for these types are displayed is not the same for each project, which make the thing look ugly.

    For example for one project it's:

    Documents: 0 / 0 Goals: 0 / 0 Conversations: 1 / 1 Tasks: 0 / 0
    For another:

    Conversations: 0 / 0 Documents: 1 / 1 Goals: 0 / 0 Tasks: 0 / 0
    Others are different again.

    The actual count does not seem to matter. This is very annoying.
    I did change the template to list them inline instead of vertical (as is it default), but I doubt that's what causes this problem, it's the order in which every project's typecount is parsed that changes.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Go into the "Issue Type Manager", click "edit" on each of your types. Check the display order and make sure they're in the order you want.

    If the display orders are tied, the order really isn't deterministic.

    If the display orders are different, that sounds like a bug -- but not one I've run into before.


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      Then I guess it's a bug, as the display orders are all different, actually 10 20 30 40 in alphabetical order.

      By the way on the Project Tools home page, they are listed in the correct order, but I'm not sure whether that uses the same template. There are 2 similar templates pt_projectbit_typecount and pt_projectbit_typecountbit if I'm correct. The forumhome part uses the first one.


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        I created a Bug Report for this.


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