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assignment ... what it is for?

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  • assignment ... what it is for?

    sorry about that.. but I already read the manual and i don't understand what means 'assignment'
    assign is [my dic english/english/] 'task, mission; transfer of ownership or rights ' ...
    then if I assign a bug to some user he will be receive a pm? have special rights?

    sorry if it is a [very] stupid question ... but i don't understand.

    ps. i already see the hack to make the users [after i setup] receive mps ...
    but 'assigned' is other thing ...
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    No, it just means they it's "their" issue, and they are responsible for managing that task/feature/bug. It doesn't give them any notification or send them a message though.
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      If you assign a bug to a user, then you are telling them to fix it. At least that is the general usage here.
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        An optional 'email' or 'pm' notification of newly assigned tickets to a programmer would be cool,,, I believe it was requested as a feature already.

        None the less, the assigning of tickets comes in handy. I like to assign tickets, then can search/save a report to see which tickets a programmer is currently working on etc.
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          Originally posted by Wayne Luke View Post
          If you assign a bug to a user, then you are telling them to fix it. At least that is the general usage here.
          I just learned that there is no email notification in Project Manager rendering almost useless. Wayne, you're saying above that I assign a user to a project then tell them to fix it? Should I call them or send them emails or maybe try to IM them?

          What kind of project tracker is this? I've been assigning users to projects and wondering why they weren't getting emails notifying them of such. Now I find out that this system doesn't even have such a thing.

          Took a look in the feedback and suggestions and it's been a problem for a lot of users as this is a CRITICAL function of any task manager - bug tracker - project manager. How can you all possibly create a project manager that doesn't notify it's users?
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            I would actualy like to add on top of email/PM notification as toggled options that there is a way to alwo use the internal notification system that is used for PMs, Friend requests, etc in the top right cornor.
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