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  • Header&footer load last


    its annoying for the guests when they have to wait up to 15 sec sometimes, because header doesn't load and therefor neither forum body.

    Header sometimes doesn't load as we have ads in it and ads script sometimes doesn't have good connection to advertising agency server, so page doesn't load as fast as it should.

    We want to achieve - forum load first, then header and then footer.

    Is this possible?

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    When using those ads, there's little that can be done other than removing "hanging" ads, if you can. This happens very frequently (especially with image GoogleAds), and if admins don't quickly address removing the offending ones, members will use their ad blockers (not what the forum needs).

    It's not the forum itself that is the problem, it's simply the ads hang (or in some cases, even bleed through pages -- v-e-r-y annoying). Usually the ones that do hang are heavily JSed [especially with tracking junk, and causes the browsers to barf].
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      But can't this be somehow fixed? I know its not the forum, its ads.

      If only there would be way to load forum first, and then ads.


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        Not really! Go with alternative adds if they make your pages hang, or stop using image adds and go over the "text only" adds etc. You've just got to play around with things.

        But the bottom line is - if your page is taking 15 seconds to load. That's a real no, no. Way to long and nobody in there right mind will wait that long either before going elsewhere or closing the browser! These days people expect a site to load straight away.The 56k modem days are gone when we used to have the patients to wait.


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          I can't refuse advertiser(s) who pay good bucks for banners.

          There must be some way to load forum first.


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