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    I've been trying to find a way of stopping users seeing a specific Project under the main 'Projects' Link in the Navbar.

    So far I can only see a way of globally disabling the rights to see Projects, but that then stops them actually using any of the projects.

    I have three projects at the moment, one for administration and two public ones.

    I've set the global permissions to be visible, and then set it so users can't post in the administration one, nor see it without the necessary permissions, in the forum view. But, the problem is that they can still see it in projects view.

    I hope this makes sense.

    Any way of disabling that, cos it sort of seems to defeat the permissions options.

    (PS found this similar article where someone else seems to be posting the same problem:


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    If you have 3 projects, you can set 1 project as ' no permission at all for anybody but the staff members (can view, etc). And the other 2 have the proper permissions so they can view them.

    Then when they go to the projects page they will not see the first one. This works basically the same as a private staff forum.


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      Thanks for the tip. How do I set the 'staff' permissions?

      Project Tools > Project Permissions ?

      I only see the types options, i.e. bugs, features, tasks



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        Yes, if you click on project permissions you will see a list of usergroups. select the usergroups that shouldn't view a specific project permission for the staff one, and edit that, set it to can't view for the normal usergroups and can view for the staff.


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          Do you mean on the Global permissions? If I set global to off for a particular usergroup, it prohibits them from looking at any project.

          I'm not sure if I'm getting what I need to do...



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            The global permissions apply to .. the global ones.
            The project specific ones apply to .. just that project. And that's what you want to do for the staff project.


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              Ok, I think I've got it sorted now. Thanks for the help Floris. Still getting used to vBulletin and all it's amazing features. Getting there slowly...

              Thanks again.



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                This was REALLY helpful, thank you.


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