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Can I set permissions for issues?

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  • Can I set permissions for issues?

    One thing I dont like about this forum is when you submit a bug you have no idea if the develper is working on it. If it takes them a week to get back to you with a solution it seems like they are ignoring you.

    Under issue types for bugs, I have create the following statuses

    Queue Level 1 (On Developers Desk)
    Queue Level 2 (Investigation In Progress)
    Queue Level 3 (Investigation Complete - Wait For Report)

    This way I can update to these status through the process, and then change the status to confirmed, not a bug or what ever based on the results found.

    How can I prevent a usergroup from setting these three statuses? People are creating a new bug and assigning it to "Queue Level 1" when its really not, and then people have no idea if thats a real status or not. Only developers should be allowed to use those 3 status messages.

    I'm not sure how to get around this.


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    You'd need to set it so that your regular users can't change statuses at all via the permissions. (This should actually be the default.)

    There is no way to disable certain users from being able to set specific statuses but not others.


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      Ok thanks. That will work just fine then it sounds like it will use my default status as the starting status?

      That works I will create a new status called "New Issue" and that will be the default status. I seen that option I think about changing status but it was 100% what it ment. I didn't know that it prevented them from setting a status from the start, I thought it only prevented them from changing an issue status after they have submited it.


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