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MySql Error when trying to delete a blog entry

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  • MySql Error when trying to delete a blog entry

    When I go to the blog entries of the member and highlight one entry and then hit "Delete" button, I get mysql error message:
    PHP Code:
    Database error in vBulletin 3.8.4:
    Invalid SQL:
    SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT userid) AS total
      FROM blog WHERE state 
    MySQL Error   Out of memory (Needed 8388580 bytes)
    Error Number  
    I then ssh to my server and ran this query from within and got the same error. If I take "count" out of the query, I get the results without any problem. I mean if I run the following query, I dont get any problem:

    PHP Code:
      SELECT DISTINCT userid AS total
      FROM blog WHERE state 
    I am using VB 3.8.4 PL2 and Blog 2.0.2.

    Can someone help please.

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    The query itself is the problem here as such - as you've found by running it yourself. The problem here is this line:

    MySQL Error   : Out of memory (Needed 8388580 bytes)
    You should speak to your host regarding this.
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      Thanks Trevor for your hint. I will give you more details which may help.
      Mysql server works on a dedicated seprate server from my http server with 6 GB of RAM. Number of records in blog table is only 480 records. Number of records in my post table is more than 9 million posts.
      First Question: Why do I get out of memory for a small table like blog but works fine with table like posts (viewing posts, adding replies, editing ... etc). To me this is a small query on a small number of records and should not give out of memory.

      Second Question: I have full control of the database server but I don't know where to increase the momery limit. Can you help please.


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