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  • Blogs from the Members of ??? is not displaying

    I've installed Blog 2.0.2 and have created two Global Categories: Ancestry World Blogs and Polish Genealogy. I've posted a blog entry to Ancestry World Blogs but I don't see the blog entry displayed when I viewed
    then main blog page:

    I would expect to see the first couple of entries as in "Blogs from the Members of vBulletin Community Forum at

    I require moderation of blog posts. What gives?

    Dave Newman

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    Not sure what you mean. There is only one blog entry posted with one comment. What's the direct link?
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      I actually figured it out. I didn't setup a "Featured Blog Entry". I didn't know I had to do that. It all makes sense now. I like this feature. Pretty cool. I didn't see this in the documentation. It would be nice to add this. If you would like I could write something up.


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