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How to remove a customization option

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  • How to remove a customization option

    I want to remove the user option of modifying the bg image in "Main" in their blogs. I've looked all over and can't seem to find where I need to look to delete that as an option.

    Can someone help?

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    I believe you'd have to remove their ability to customized their profiles all together.


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      There isn't a way that I can allow them to keep the other options but not allow that one?

      I was trying to just remove the snippet of code that displays that option to the user, but because
      modifyusercss_bit gets "looped" for each group of customization options (main, block borders, etc), I'm struggling to figure out where the background options for "main" are defined and called.

      It has to be in there somewhere, right? The options for the customization groups vary, so there must be some unique code somewhere that defines just the options available to customize "main" in the blog. At least I think there must be.


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        I don't believe so, if i thought you could have I would have made the suggesiton


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          For example, in blog_cp_manage_usercss, there's this code:
          <if condition="$usercsspermissions['caneditbgimage']">
          So I'm thinking there's a permission set somewhere for "main" regarding backgrounds. I just need to find where that is and set that option to no or false.


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            Maybe I should ask a different question -

            What causes the options for customization to vary between "main", "block borders", "block footers" and "controls"? Each of those option groups is created using the same modifyusercss_bit template.


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              Zachery, my apologies if it appears that I stepped on your toes - I certainly wasn't trying to. I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous and am struggling to understand how the user customization system works. If I did understand it better I might be able to discover a different solution to my issue than the one I was originally asking about.

              But I can't know unless I understand what I'm even looking at. I'm happy to do the leg work in figuring it out, I just don't know where to point my legs. So if you could accept my apologies, and please point me to where in the files or templates I might look to understand how the customization options vary from one option group to the next, I'd be most appreciative.




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                I had to hire a coder to implement this, and the coder accomplished it with the addition of 25 characters to the modifyusercss_bit template.



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