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Problem with Blog & "Go Advanced"

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  • Joe Siegler
    After filing this in the support ticket system, it's been classified as a bug, filed here:

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  • Joe Siegler
    started a topic Problem with Blog & "Go Advanced"

    Problem with Blog & "Go Advanced"

    One of my users reported a problem with blog functionality. I was using 2.01, so I upgraded to 2.02, and it's still there. I came here to try it, but then remembered you can't actually use "stock blog", as I'm prevented from creating anything.

    Since I have custom templates, I installed a totally virgin test board on my server (which nobody in the world can see but me - hahaha). Anyway, this happens on 100% stock template stuff too. So here goes. This requires you to have at least one existing blog entry going, since the steps are predicated on you editing an existing entry.

    1) Go to your blog page.
    2) Click the edit entry graphic for the most recent entry.
    3) Enter any sort of text change to the entry
    4) Hit "Go Advanced"

    BAM! The stuff you just added in is gone. Basically the problem is if you quick edit, and then "Go Advanced", it's not picking up your changes. I can make this happen 100% of the time on both my customized board and my 100% stock test board.

    I'd do it here to prove it as well, but I can't.

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