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Blog Spammers - mass delete?

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  • Blog Spammers - mass delete?

    I've discovered a couple spammers using the blog system to promote their garbage....yet I'm unable to find a 'report as spam' option or the ability to mass-delete their blog posts.

    I've got the latest Beta 4 version installed....

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    7 response?



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      That's because those options don't exist. Feel free to post a suggestion.
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        when a user gets banned, they change to the 'banned' usergroup

        my settings for that usergroup are ALL set to 'no'....including the blogs....

        I suspect others have their 'group' settings such that certain usergroups are allowed to blog, while others are not....if a subscribing member is allowed to blog and they drop to a non-subscribing, then their blog's should turn 'invisible' the same manner their attachment space gets limited, or other features turn off or change.

        additionally, there is no 'check' option in the blog system for mass-deletes, much like the system that's used for moderators in the normal forum posting. Would make moving blogs to categories very easy, as well as many other possibilities.


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