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How to post blog entry to a specific category?

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  • How to post blog entry to a specific category?

    I've (as admin) made categories for the blog but as a normal user cannot post to those categories.

    can someone please let me know what am I doing wrong here?



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    When you create an entry it will automatically add to the 'Uncategorized' folder, but once you create some categories, then you will see under 'Additional Options > Blog Categories' a list of what you created for yourself. You can select any of those categories and it will show the entry/comments within them.

    You can edit each category or when you are creating one and select which category you wan it to showup in.


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      Hi Jose, can there be blog wide categories (set by admin) or all users can create their own different categories?


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        Read the first post and you can see what should come out in next major release.


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          man, this is the options i am looking for .. Major release huh? not sure when that will happen.. i thought that wasn't a hard part..but when i bought it, really pissed me off when i heard this .. future major release ... and if the blogs is running now, when u upgrade to the so call "future major release" how the blogs gonna sorted out? all in one new definable category? i guess i have to wait for the future major release for this option to really have the blogs running..


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