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  • Floris
    As a security notice: I strong recommend not to turn it on, and instead format the entries using custom bb code so you can control the content.

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  • FreshFroot_
    started a topic html and view blog

    html and view blog

    I'm not sure if it's a bug... but in the blog settings I have "public can view blog and post" Yet when users create their blog it puts them all on private mode? and either I have to change it or they do... I thought the default setting sets it at view blog for all in acp?

    Edit: issue below resolved after a search, but above still remains..
    Also, I noticed project tools etc.. etc.. have ways to enable HTML.. JUST FOR THAT addon.. how come the blog doesn't have this? personally I'd like to have html enabled, as lot of things they will want to post does require html or forms for quizes they do etc...
    Last edited by FreshFroot_; Wed 21 Nov '07, 10:08am.

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