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Private board--open blog?

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  • Private board--open blog?

    Is this possible? To have a private board closed to visitors, and have the blog visible to everyone one including guests?

    My idea is to keep the board private, but have the blog public with several contributors. (from other posts I understand you are working on allowing a blog to be shared between users)

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    No sorry, there is no option ot do that at this time.
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      The closest you can get is to have it set like mine...the board is not entirely private but guests cannot read posts, only thread titles. But guests CAN see blogs. That's easy to set up with the basic permissions system.

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        The blog currently will throw the permissions error if "Can View Forum" is set to NO. I can see the point that it shouldn't be checking that permission at all though. We do have "Can View Own Blog" and "Can View Other's Blog" which still allows you to totally control who can see the blog.

        I expect that we can override the canview check in global.php via plugin if we are in the blog.


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          I donít entirely follow how to do this. It would be *very* desirable to allow visitors to read blogs but not view forums. After all, blogs are mostly for the outside world to see; forums are often just for the membership. Please do consider this!


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            We'll need to make adjustments to 3.7 to support this.


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              Changes are OK.

              This would be a great addition for me. I'll keep monitoring this thread and hope the permissions can be changed to independent of each other.

              I am thinking this would be a great tool for a small company like mine where they could discuss projects in a closed forum and post the results in the open blog.


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                Planning on upgrading my board this week. Has any thought been put into this?


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                  Not until vB 4.0


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