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Vbulletin Lite Closed???

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  • Vbulletin Lite Closed???

    I understand that if the code needs to be upgrade but really that makes no sense neither, because the lite and full ran off totally different codes....

    Now i myself didn't use the lite version but was gonna offer my help to improve it, but instead i have set off on a sub project called Paradox Vision, but i aint gonna spam it anyways i am just curious what Jelsoft aims to gain by canceling a free board that to be honest wasen't all that good.

    When you compare that free board to the ones that are out now it sucked, vbulletin the full version is excellent.

    I don't like the looks of V.3.0. Though, all i ask is that you tell me why you canceled this project so i can atleast know whats going on.

    Thanx ahead of time,
    SNOWBALL - CEO of F.F.A.N.

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    vBulletin Lite was never meant to be used as a 'free' board. It's only purpose was to make sure the server had the necessary requirements to work with the full version. And because the underlying vB code has changed so much, as well as new versions of PHP and MySQL, the decision was decided to withdraw vB Lite (which according to you 'sucked' anyway ;) ) and work on a more reliable method of verifying server configuration.
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      Maybe just a little script that checks server permissions, PHP, mySQL versions etc?

      vBulletin Lite was probably tainting the name of vBulletin with so many misinterpretation of its intended use.


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        That's the theory (for both parts of your post). I asked a while back and they said that they'll instead use a script that just checks for db permissions and such.

        You can still see a fresh installation of vB Lite in my sig. You can see why they took it away because it truly does imply that vB Lite is a toned-down version of vB and since vB Lite is lame, vB must be too.
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          lol i could make one that does that easily,

          If thats all you need just let me do it i am very good with PHP MYSQL interface, so i belive i could be of some assistance.

          If you wanna see some of my work : [url][/url] .

          O lol i didn't know that was what vbulletn lite was for, lol good reason to remove it if even ppl who have seen it around for years didn't know what is was for.

          I wanna get a job with vbulletin how would go about doing such a thing?


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            Probably wait for a job opening?


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              :( bugger bugger bugger.

              Just as I get my Liunx assignment, it gets taken down.

              For my Build an Internet class at [URL=]CIT[/URL] I have to set up a webserver with listed things setup.

              (things like domain name, password controlled area, other stuff that will take about 5 mins)

              and then 2 "additional" features. Like a forum.

              The Vb Lite would have been perfect for the assignment.


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                If it's only an assignment then a free forum would do the job ;)


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