where do I start(to install)? Tripod says to do this to the config.
Database name

The name of your MySQL database is automatically generated according to your Tripod ID. It has the following form: id_uk_db.

If your id is paco14, the name of your database is paco14_uk_db.

Database connection

Tripod uses a simplified connection method for accessing your database. You do not need any special parameters to access your data. To connect to your MySQL database using a PHP script, use the following code:

$db = mysql_connect()

You can then use the database however you want and make the requests of your choice.

The following apply if you need parameters:

- database host: localhost

- database access login: your Tripod id

- database access password: empty

- database name: id_uk_db

for database host I put local hoast data base name I put my id_uk_db password has nothing in it but did not adjust the thing to make it $db = mysql_connect() [b]But right now I want to know where to start in installing Vbulletin lite.[/b]