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  • Sorry but This Really Suck!!!

    I'm a novice and totally new to this tool.
    I can't believe you people actually get people to invest in this product. How can you offer a downsized version of it to the public, but not provide support or any DECENT instruction or documentation on how to set it up. Oops sorry forgot about this sorry readme file.
    If I've never used the product and I'm interested in spending $160 of my hard earned money to use it, I would think that the least you could do is provide better support than having me sit around waiting for a response from someone on the other side of the world.
    How about putting forth some effort into making a well documented procedure for setting up the vbulletin lite version and doing away with the disclaimer that you don't provide support for it. Especially since the full version won't work unless vbulletin lite is installed and working.
    Sorry but this makes you guys come across as being REALLY lazy!!! I've dealt with used car salemen that provided better assistance. Atleast they offer to come when you test drive the car.
    This is directed at the staff of vBulletin. I see no reason why I should have to go through this in order to learn how to properly setup a product that I'm asked to spend $160 on.


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    1. Wrong forum if you really did pay $160
    2. There's a full set of documentation along with a PDF at [url][/url]
    3. vB Lite is only intended to know if your host supports what vB needs: PHP3/4 and MySQL.
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      We can help you setup vB Lite but from reading your other posts you are trying to set up your own server. People will do the best they can to help but the expectation is that you will already have a functioning server. Understandably we focus most of our support focus on vBulletin issues not server issues.

      You may want to consider posting your server-related questions in the Server Configuration forum where they would likely get a better response than the vB Lite forum.
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        As of right now I haven't purchased anything and I don't have a server issue. My issue, and I mean no harm in anyway, is the way this product is being handled. There simply should be better support available for setting up vblite. If you advise that the lite version of the product is essential for the full version to work, then you need to provide support for the lite product. The forums are a great resource, as I see that I've come to depend on them tremendously, but sometimes the response times don't warrant the patience, especially when it concerns me purchasing the product. I think it's called providing basic customer support. You leave it up to the end users to provide support for your product, then you may as well pay the end users.
        But I digress. Simple frustrations from not getting it to work.


        Now on to my problem. The instructions say to upload the files to a directory on the web server. This I've done, I think. I placed all of the files located in the upload directory, including admin and images, into my www directory. Yet when I attempt to run the script I get an error that the url isn't found. Should I have placed these files nto a different location? Should I have modified any other files prior to?
        All other services are running fine on my server, including phpadmin, mysql & mysql front, and apache.

        Any help on properly uploading these files is appreciated.


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          [list=1][*]vBulletin Lite is not essential for vBulletin to work. You can use vBulletin without vB Lite - however vB Lite provides a way for you to confirm vB's compatibility with your server. The majority of our users do not use vB Lite and they confirm compatibility with their host instead.[*]vBulletin Lite is not intended to be used as a full forum, simply as a test. There is no documentation provided with it as it is designed to be fairly self explanatory. We will help you get it running if we can however we cannot offer official support for it as we would then have to give support to the people who have no intention of buying vBulletin and just want to use vB Lite (and there are a lot of people like that!)[*]End users are by no means asked to provide support. If a user wants to help then they can, and we are greatful for that but it is not a requirement and we do not ask end users to help unwillingly. The best way to get support is to submit it to our online support area, which is monitered by vBulletin Staff and ensures you a quick response from a member of staff.[*]Your specific problem means they are not uploaded to the web root, or you are putting them into the wrong folder. Upload them to your web site root, then enter the full path to install.php into your web browser. Eg if your web root is /home/username/public_html, and you uploaded to /home/username/public_html/vblite/, then you would enter "" in your browser.[/list]


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            Exactly, and that's what I intend to do, test it before I buy it. Although I do host my own web server, I see no need to run out and purchase it until I have a thorough understanding of it. Like I stated earlier, I am a novice to all of this, and I'm documenting everything I do, so getting as much documentation or support on a particular product is very important to me.
            And do I even need to get into defining what's "self explanatory"
            and from whose perspective it's derived from? Hey man I'm new to this, so there's no such thing as self explainatory. It's all greek.
            Thanks for the response to troubleshooting my problem as i think this is the problem I'm having.

            I'm eager to get this working and purchase the full version. So please bear with the newbie.


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              Error on install...Help me!!!! please...

              :D newbie...
              OK I'm making progress. I'm attempting to install and configure vblite to test on my server and receive the "You are not running PHP - Please contact your system administrator" error when attempting to perform the install.
              I think I've made the necessary changes to my httpd file by adding the following lines:
              ScriptAlias /php3/ "C:\Program Files\PHP Home Edition 2\Apache2\php\"
              AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .phtml .inc .php3 .php4
              AddType application/x-httpd-php-source .phps
              Action application/x-httpd-php /php/php.exe

              Stop & Start the Apache server. Nothing!!!

              Any help is appreciated:D


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                Have you download and installed php for Win32 from [url][/url] That is a pre-requisite for vBlite and vBulletin, as is MySQL from [url][/url]


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                  yes I have both of these installed. They were both part of phphome, the latest version, which came with apache, mysql, and php for the Win32 platform. They're all working fine. Services for both the apache & mysql are showing green and I'm able to start phpadmin. Not sure if that tells anything.


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                    Issue resolved. Able to finally get vblite installed.


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                      You get what you pay for.


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                        [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by marvc [/i]
                        [B]Issue resolved. Able to finally get vblite installed. [/B][/QUOTE]Care to share what the problem was and how it was solved, for those who will be posting similar issues in the future?
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