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    [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by newbie1000 [/i]
    [B]But with vb the database uses my sql, so you say upload the files into public html, but that isn't the database?[/B][/QUOTE]

    No, that isn't the database, the files with vB Lite are the equivilent to the .cgi files that you have with Ikonboard, in the config.php file you enter the details for the MySQL database, which should have been provided by your host, it will be somthing like localhost or for example.

    If you need any help add me to MSN ([email protected]) and I'll give you a hand.

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    Guest replied
    url host = [url][/url] (I have plan 100)
    url my board= [url][/url]

    What I mean is: With IB you upload files into cgi-bin.
    And also public html or something simular.

    But with vb the database uses my sql, so you say upload the files into public html, but that isn't the database?

    cgi-bin is where i had the ib data...

    So what I need to know how can I use my sql..where can I find it and what to do with it.:confused:

    Isn't there a way to describe in a few steps how to get things working?
    I was planning to buy the full license, but if I can't make lite to work, my hope is gone to do it.:(

    (do you have msn?)
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  • WizyWyg
    Its not a file. Its a database that your ISP must offer in order for you to use vbulletin.

    Who is your webhost? (Your url will help). From there we can help you determine if your dont support it at all.

    If you have no idea on how to set=up a webspace, I suggest you take time out first and research the net or get a book from your library or bookstore.

    Your ISP should have given you all the information concerning your website (IE FTP information, your root directory, path to root directory, path to perl information etc). ROOT directory is the directory that is seen when you just type in your domain name
    ie [url][/url]

    but IT COULD look like this when you access your acct (COULD , not will be)

    Public-html is your root directory in this example.

    On my server (for example) my root is the name of my domain
    as I host 2 others as well.
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    Guest replied
    Sorry , I really don't know how to begin.

    I have now a server which I can access with ftp.
    But I don't see a file called my sql ...
    Can someone just help me get started?
    like my nick tells: I am totally new on any aspect of site/forum building, but want to give it a try.:)

    thx for ur support

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  • tubedogg
    CHMODing is not required for any files. It would be mentioned if it was.

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  • WizyWyg
    if your domain is

    upload everything in the upload directory to your root]
    if you want to put it into a subdirectory
    make a subdirectory on your server/acct and upload all the files to that directory.
    Upload them as they appear on your computer.

    Its pretty straightforward.
    They can't be specific because each host is different on how they setup your directory.

    If you dont know what your root directory is, send an email to your isp/webhost for support.

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    Guest started a topic Lite read me

    Lite read me

    I did an attempt to install the lite version to see how it works.

    But looking at the read me file I see this:

    "Upload all the files onto your server"

    How can I upload files when i don't know in which directory to upload them?
    And what CHMOD do you have to use for each map etc...?

    When using ikonboard you get a complete instal guide how to do everything.

    I really like to know how you can install something when you don't have a basic manual or guide.
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